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A dark and ominous tone reminiscent of our dearly departed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, an enticing mission (“survival”) and UGLY BETTY’s David Blue… finally a STARGATE [UNIVERSE] we can get behind! How about you?

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  • Navdeep

    1. Definitely noticed the BSG undertones while seeing these trailers –> which i LOVED

    2. Never seen any of the other stargates in my life…after BSG opened my eyes to awesome Sci fi shows tried to watch a few episodes of stargate, stargate atlantis, etc….but I couldn’t stand it. But this NEW stargate has some recognizable faces, a much younger cast and some HOT cast members with interesting storyline….that I’m definitely gonna tune in for!

  • Brenda

    If this is like BSG then it is another sifi soap opera. Hope it is worth watching.

  • Elliot

    the other stargates are a bit more “classic” sci-fi now (sadly).
    many of us stargate fans are still ticked off though that they killed off atlantis while it was really awesome. stupid syfy channel.

    if you couldn’t get into the originals that’s understandable to some extent. it’s quite possible you caught a subpar episode or came right in the middle of a story arc. but like most shows once you watch a bit of it you get into the characters and enjoy it a lot more… even tho “not so great” episodes.

    both sg-1 an atlantis were fantastic shows. i just hope universe doesn’t try to be what it isn’t.
    as those of us who watched bsg know… you can make episodes suck by trying to force unnecessary drama into it.

  • ewanspotter

    Though I don’t mind a darker tone, there’s gotta be some humor infused to really capture my attention. I had one bleak show, and that was BSG.

  • Joy

    I enjoyed the previous Star Gate, BSG and Atlantis, but after about 10 episodes it got BORINGLY the same stuff.
    Hopefully, the writers will be better at diversifying and transisting between the characters.

  • I’m hoping SG-U wont suck!!! and the thought that they wont dial SG-C and have SG-1 or SG-A tie-ins isnt really siting amazing well with me! I really wish this was a spin off of SG-A’s series finale… and using the wormhole drive and having a whole city move with them! and keep at least one or two cast members the same!!!

    but on the good news – I heard RDA has appearance!