Spoiler Pic: Guess Who is Dropping by the DOLLHOUSE?

alan tudyk

Attention Browncoats, you are not going to want to miss the May 1st episode of DOLLHOUSE. Not only will Paul Ballard’s investigation lead him to the agoraphobic designer of the Dollhouse who just so happens to be played by FIREFLY’s Alan Tudyk; but Alpha will reveal himself to set his end game in motion.

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  • But… I thought that… *gets killed by assasin sent by Fox*

  • Patty

    whoa, that is so weird. I was just talking with my friend about how we wanted to see him on TV again. Yay for Wash!

  • Liz K

    Yeah, me too. I guess we’ll find out.

  • Josh C.

    honestly its all well and good that he has found another show but i mean does it really matter? Dollhouse isnt going to make it…..

  • Naf

    It’s got a better chance than Terminator. It makes sense that Dollhouse sticks around for another season, as a mid-season replacement for whatever fails out of their Fall lineup, but this is Fox, so it’ll probably get cancelled.

    Not only is the show cheaper to produce compared to their other dramas, but it’s maintained a somewhat steady viewership, does well when considering DVR and the all important 18-30somethings, and it puts Dushku’s development deal with Fox to use. Instead of spending the time and money developing and promoting a new show to die on Friday nights, they should keep Dollhouse in the slot and be happy with the 4 million viewers it will probably continue to get.

  • Dollhouse = sci-fi (Yes), future science=(Yes), plot possibilities = vast,
    Good sexy entertainment = Yes…Yes…Yes

  • Tim

    Gee thanks for the chance to avoid this spoiler… oh wait, you didn’t give me one.