Yes, you heard me. SEASON Finale.

But putting aside the looming concern that last night may have been the final chronicle of Sarah Connor for a moment, this TV Addict didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to tip my hat to Josh Friedman; Who not only took what injected a complex and well thought out discussion about the very nature of humanity, religion and technology in what very easily been an excuse for FOX and Warner Bros. to milk a tired franchise with a SMALLVILLE-style killer-robot of the week. But delivered a season finale that leaves fans (or at least this TV Addict) in the unexpected position of being both satisfied and wanting more at the exact same time.

If this is indeed the end, Friedman dropped off John Connor [after two seasons on the run with Sarah and Cameron] in the midst of the resistance with enough knowledge, experience and training to ensure that he does in fact continue along his destiny to becomes humanity’s last hope for the future, fitting perfectly into the mythology laid out in the previous and upcoming fourth installment of the franchise Terminator: Salvation. I especially loved the fact that Cameron reinforced to John — during what will no doubt go down as one of the hottest and most bizarre non-sex scenes ever — that deep down inside, she wants to kill John Connor (read: robots can’t ever be trusted.)

And if FOX does the unthinkable and shock us all by granting TERMINATOR a stay of execution, Friedman has opened up an entirely new and exciting world by reuniting John with two very much alive and well Reese brothers (Derek and Kyle), a pre-Cameron Allison (from Palmdale we’re guessing), while also managing to leave things wide open for possible (surprise!) appearances by future Riley and Jessie. All the while, giving Sarah and Agent Ellison the impetus they need to work that much harder to bring down SkyNet (and in the process save John) following that unforgettable dustup at Zeira Corp.

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  • This episode blew me away. I wait to see what Fox will do. Brilliant TV.

  • Patty

    This show seems to start the season slow and build to brilliance. Too bad nobody seems to be watching. This was really an excellent episode.

  • Ken

    Agreed, except about the being satisfied part. When John saw Allison and I thought I might never see them together, a little part of me died. If they don’t bring it back, I’m not sure how I’m ever going to be able to watch the finale without just wanting more! (At least with Firefly the series finishes well and then I can watch Serenity, which rocks). Friedman also made the choice (to drop it) a little harder for FOX then it was last week, sticking John in the middle of the resistance will appeal even more to people who go see Salvation than just regular TSCC would.

  • I’m still reeling! What an AMAZING finale!!! Has me wanting a season 3 even more than before. Wanting to know how they’ll tell the story in two time zones simultaneously. How John will come into his own without being able to depend on Sarah anymore. Wondering what (if anything) he’ll tell the Reese brothers. How he’ll react to Cameron/Allison. What will happen when he runs into Cromartie/Cameron… and why was Savannah so important?!

    Please, please, PLEASE give us a season 3!!!

    I guess we can cross our fingers that the upcoming movie will help drive the series dvd / online episode sales through the roof in time to help the network realise ratings aren’t everything!

  • i really need to know what happens next! 🙁

  • Lucious

    I Want the Season 3

    i think it´s the best series ever. i love this.

    i wan´t to know what is with cameron and savannah and sarah then @ the end of season 2 sarah says i love you too
    what happend.

    Please Fox give me more from this

  • Athena606

    The Season Finale ROCKED!!!!
    I hope FOX gives it a season 3 PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE…..

  • Thecolours

    Email Fox and Wb and let them know you wnat a third season.


    Also, vote for T:SCC. If T:SCC wins it will actually make a different.


  • Jillian

    “both satisfied and wanting more ”

    Agreed, to achieve that balance is amazing… those last scenes were top notch storytelling.

  • ewanspotter

    Great finale. Not holding my breath for another season…. but who knows. If “According To Jim” can find life again and again, truly anything is possible. ;D

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  • ChewChew

    So, that was the same liquid robot that was on the sub!

  • bws

    What a phenomenal last 15 minutes. Twisty with amazing action sequences. I was always so impressed with this show. Honestly, there wasn’t anything like it. They took a major movie franchise and turned it into something that was worth tuning into each and every week in unexpected ways. Throwing John into the Resistance now is kind of a crazy way of ending it. He skipped Judgment Day. He’s going to have some acclimation issues but it works so well! Bring it back for season 3!

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  • I love that we’ve been assuming this whole time that Weaver was with Skynet and instead she’s building robots that can live WITH humans. That was a great twist (and it does fall nicely in line with the T: Salvation mythology now that I think about it). It’s obvious that this conflict is inevitable but ensuring that there are robots on the right side is crucial.

    And the “Will you join us?” And KYLE!, and DEREK! and ALLISON! I need this show to come back.

  • Herb

    That flying robot that ms weaver blocked when it flew through the window turned into liquid and went into the weaver liquid terminator – so was that the liquid terminator trying to establish itself as being on the humans’ side even though it is not on the humans’ side?

  • Don

    The protype aerial HK that crashed into Weavers office exploded and broke open the aquarium in her off that held the moray eel, which reverted to liquid metal and rejoined Weaver and was NOT part of the HK drone, thus establishing for now that Weaver is not on the side of SKynet

  • Ryan

    The last 5 or 6 episodes of this show were fantastic. If only the whole show had been this amazing. It had its good episodes, – I was especially fond of the one where the robot travelled to the wrong time and caused a fire, but overall the show lacked a lot.

    The storyline only became good when the focus was taken off of Sarah Conor and that ending was sublime, so many questions to start a new season with, like…

    If John Henry is bad, then is Savannah the one Human he would never harm? (which gives her a lot of power after judgement day). The I love you at the end? Why did Cameron set John free? Why was she sorry afterwards? Oh, and Cameron got angry? Why did Sarah stay? What is Weavers agenda? Was it her in the Submarine? PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!

  • Herb

    Hi Don,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I don’t understand. I’ll have to re-watch that scene.

  • Mr. H

    Things I think should be explored in a 3rd season:

    What happened to the Ms. Weaver Liquid terminator when John jumped to whenever at the end of the finale?

    Did Ellison pick up Savanah like he was asked and what happens to him and Savanah?

    Weaver said “not where but when is John Henry” well if JH jumped sometime then why was there no “pit” where he had been connected to the computer via cable? How could he have jumped to sometime else?

    If JH did jump to somewhen else – where? Let’s say he jumped to the same time Weaver and JConnor did…

    …Will JH meet up with JC?
    * Does JH have Cameron’s chip in his head?
    * Or is JH’s chip still in his head and Cameron’s chip in his pocket?
    * If cameron’s “body” could not come with Weaver and JC then how is it JH was able to jump?
    * Was Cameron’s body not able to jump because of the exposed metal on her face?
    * If so will JH talk to JC with knowledge and experineces of Cameron?
    * If so how will their relationship change?
    * Will there be another terminator created in Allison’s image and Cameron’s chip put in it so they can pick up where they left off?
    * Are John and Cameron developing a relationship?
    * Is Cameron “learning” more about humanity and thus becoming more “human”?
    * What happened to JH’s chip?
    * Did Kyle Reese return from some mission and leave his coat behind and that’s why Derek was surprised that JC was wearing his brother’s coat?
    * Is JC really a nobody where (when) he is now?
    * Will JC approach Allison and talk to her?
    * John’s expressions change during the slow-mo at the end of the season finale but you have to watch it a few times to decypher the meaning behind them.

    I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions to ask.

    Mr. H

  • Mr. H

    I could watch the last segment of the finale over and over and over…especially the last 5 minutes.

    The segment starting at finding Cameron in John Henry’s room through the sphere-jump really tugs at your heartstrings. Seeing Derek and Kyle Reese tugs at them again and then seeing Allison come from behind Kyle – that just tears your heart apart.

    There’s no way they can just leave it at that.

    Mr. H

  • Mr. H

    I just figured out while thinking about it overnight – Cameron was put into the Turk hence the message to John over and over on the monitor. John Henry was transferred from the Turk to Cameron’s chip in JH’s head.

    Other questions:

    Was the Turk w/ Cameron’s experiences destroyed when John and Ms Weaver jumped? I didn’t see it in the very last scene of the finale.

    When Sarah said “I love you too” where was Mr Ellison? He was standing to Sara’s right when the jump happened.

    Mr. H

  • Kieran Conroy

    Excellent review. You spoke it better than I could… a bittersweet moment, not knowing what will happen- but an incredible, top-notch wrap up of the season. I sincerely hope it won’t be of the show… because the character development brought out so poignantly at the end there shows how much potential is left.

    I believe Cameron is with JH in some fashion- likely sharing the chip so they can move. JC pretty clearly says “he took her.” I don’t THINK she’s in the computer…. I thought that was just a message, and he would not have followed after John Henry so quickly if he did not think he was going to find her.

    It seems clear that because John has moved through time, he did not exist for this future. Which begs the question of how the resistance is even around- since he is such a crucial element, right from the prison escape, he, Kyle and a few other folks began things with. But I’m interested to see where this is going. Perhaps he will return to his own time with a clearer sense of purpose- and perhaps having worked out hte Cameron/JH plotline.

    I’m VERY intersted to see what happens with Allison. I don’t see him forgetting Cameron, after all the recent stuff between them… but it will give him an interesting choice. I wonder if they might fight a new Cameron body- though without JC target in this world, its unclear why one would be built unlss they are just looking for general resistane people to inflitrate.

  • matthew

    noooooo!!!! iwant Season3!!!! i need to know what happens next!!!! please make the next one already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Damico

    It seems crazy NOT to have another season since the movie will ignite interest in all things Terminator.

  • Previously in the Terminator mythology people were unable to travel to the future.
    As entertaining as it was I don’t know how coherent the whole thing is!

  • Mr. H
  • Eairie

    john and cameron could totally be a couple by the way i always hated riley im glad she died