The Good: Complete with bleeped-out epithets and a diverse cast that’s fairly easy on the eyes, producer John Wells and creator Ann Biderman’s gritty and intense look at the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles may in fact do for cop dramas what ER did for medical ones. You know, make them interesting again.

The Bad: That gritty and intense realism comes at a price. Not only did SOUTHLAND’s docudrama shaky cam have us this close to pulling a Ben Mackenzie of our very own (Read: Running outside and hurling on our lawn). The downer of a plot that included gangland violence, drug dealers and sexual predators made for one helluva depressing hour.

The Verdict: While we’re definitely curious enough to take another trip (or two) down south, Wells and Biderman need throw in a victory or two for the boys (and girls) in blue every once in a while. That, or risk losing viewers to lighter time slot competitors like HARPER’S ISLAND and PRIVATE PRACTICE.

The Good: Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones and Chris Pratt, seriously… what’s not to love?

The Bad: Well, there is that OFFICE mockumentary style that while funny in THE OFFICE comes across as more of a lazy plot device (read: filler) that allowed for NBC President Ben Silverman to rush the show to air and in doing so, possibly save his job in the process. We’re just sayin’

The Verdict: Considering we stuck through hours upon hours of unfunny sketches on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE just to get the breath of fresh air that was Amy Poehler, we’d say that the odds are pretty good that we’ll be sticking around this park for quite some time.

The Good: A thirteen episode self-contained story where everybody is a suspect, nobody is safe and viewers are guaranteed a tidy (albeit possibly bloody) resolution by July 2 — we’re there!

The Bad: Even though this island is populated with enough tired horror clichés the creepy kid, being Exhibit ‘A’ and a group of vapid twenty-somethings, being Exhibit ‘B’ that kinda has us rooting for the serial killer on this one.

The Verdict: Considering we can do thirteen episodes in our sleep (And may in fact do so if the killer doesn’t strike that guy with the faux British accent soon) we don’t see ourselves leaving this island anytime soon.

  • Ace

    My husband and I tried watching Southland yesterday. About ten minutes was plenty. We definitely had the same dizzy feeling that you mentioned and just couldn’t take it. It seemed like it was trying to be more like The Wire than Law & Order, but the camera work just makes it impossible to watch. I don’t remember ER being that bad.

  • Nick

    Have to disagree with the mockumentary being a “lazy plot device.” I think it actually adds a LOT to the comedy, as we’d never get the strange looks “into the camera” or countless other comic gems. Would you rather have an According To Jim-style comedy? Clearly, that ain’t workin’.


    Enjoyed Southland…Thought it clicked on most levels….Smart casting the
    former O.C. heartthrob…..Camera loopiness will slow down…Remember

  • Alyssa

    I liked Southland. It was funny when Ben arrested the kid that played Oliver on the OC. Casting comes full circle..

  • blueberry

    I’m pulling for The Unsuals (Goldberg and Perrineau equals funny). Plus, surely not every single new show I become a fan of can get canceled– can they?

  • blueberry,

    Since you brought it up, I really didn’t enjoy THE UNUSUALS but if it helps I’ll have an interview with Harold Perrineau up on the site on Wednesday!

  • Theo

    I really liked Southland, esp. in HD. Park & Rec. was okay, I didn’t laugh outloud or anything, but I’ll stick around. I PVR’d Harper’s, so I stil have to watch it..

  • Athena606

    I’m with ya on Harper I can commit to 13 weeks. no problem.

  • Brenda Milton

    I’m commited to Harper’s Island, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • I absolutely enjoyed Harper’s Island…my suspect is that one guy with tatoos that got in a fight in the bar. Mainly because he was kinda creepy and he seemed to enjoy getting beaten up. He likes pain, lol.

    Does the TV addict have anyone to suspect? If so, why?

  • Parks and Recreation seems right now as a rushed job, but I think it’ll definitely get better. The Office US took two seasons!

  • grumpyoldman

    My wife and I really dug Harper’s Island. And to kill off the most recognizable actor in the first episode…very brave. I love islands and the isolation and quirkiness of the people.

  • i won’t say southland was terribly but it was not very good at all. the acting for the most part was amateur. a lot of the characters are not very believable. the script isn’t too hot either. and the biggest thing that bothered me was the camera work. the camera work was terrible. they pick the worst camera angles especialy when theyre filming a dinner conversation for example. the camera is moving too much which is very distracting. if you want a real police drama watch the wire on hbo