Lea Michele Talks SPRING AWAKENING: The Movie

While we’re the first to admit that news on the Spring Awakening movie doesn’t exactly fall within the purview of theTVaddict.com, we couldn’t resist bringing reaction direct from the set of GLEE, where actress Lea Michele, who originated the role of of Wendla Bergman in the hit Broadway musical was kind enough to throw her hat into the proverbial ring when asked for her reaction to yesterday’s news that McG (THE OC, Terminator: Salvation) is in talks to bring Spring Awakening to the big screen.

Not surprisingly, Michele believes that Awakening (alongside In the Heights) is one of a handful of broadway shows that would be incredible on film. And was only to happy to reveal, while taking a break from filming a pivotal scene from an upcoming episode of GLEE that, “I created the role [at 14] and love the piece so much and would love to be apart of it if they will have me.”

Got that McG?

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  • blueberry

    No way she was anywhere close to 14 when I saw her in Spring Awakening in early 2007.

    Or did she start the role off-broadway in 2000 (when she was 14)?

  • Josh C.

    This article completely makes me freak out!!!!!!! I’ve played out the SA soundtrack on my iPod and have watched the Glee promo 1,000,000 times

  • She was part of the early workshops/readings even before the Off-Broadway production and had been part of the show throughout the development of Spring Awakening.

  • blueberry,
    Just to clarify, Michele was 14 when she started workshopping the role, not on Broadway or off-broadway.

  • NikkiHolly

    wait, Lea Michele is in Glee? well now i’m interested in it! i absolutely love Spring Awakening, and i would love to see it on the big screen (though i don’t know that i’d want to see Lea Michele attempting to play a 14 year old…).

  • may

    no, she was 14 when she was in her first workshop of spring.

  • jon88

    “prevue”? purview?

  • billy

    she started the role in workshops when she was 14, she had been with the show for 8 years when she left it on may 18th.

  • shannon

    i am a HUGE lea michele fan, but i feel like at this point shes too old to play wendla in the movie. shes 22, and the character of wendla is supposed to be 15 or 16. i just think it would be weird.

  • claire

    she started working on the spring awakening project when she was 14, and it opened when she was twenty.

  • Krystina says

    The touring cast of Spring Awakening currently has actors that are 18-24 years of age. It would be pretty normal to see some older actors playing this role. I really respect Lea Michele and I think she has the most beautiful voice but I would also like to see some cast members from the tour and the broadway version of Spring Awakening because they are extremely talented as well.

  • Carmelle

    I don’t think any any of the current touring cast will be involved…I’ve heard that they want to have movie in theatres by Christmas of 2010 which would mean they will probably start filming before the the run is over, not the touring cast this is leaving/has already left by October 6th won’t part of the film…who knows those people might have already signed contracts to be on for the movie?!?!?

  • joshua wheaton

    If they dont let her play the part they are out of their F$%^$% minds. she was the best in the part and has the voice of an angel

  • rachel

    I think her character on Glee is supposed to be 16ish, so it would be fine for her to play a 15 year old. There are actors who are 27-28 and playing high school students successfully, most people just don’t realize it unless you look them up…

  • joe

    There’s no way Lea can play Wendla in the upcoming movie. As good as she was in the role, she’s way too old now and there are several younger-looking girls (i.e., Alexandra Socha) who would be MUCH better for the film.

  • sami

    i feel that if anyone other then Lea were to play Wendla it wouldn’t work as well…she is the original, i mean it just wouldn’t be the same. Besides anyone saying that her age makes her “unbelieveable” she is playing a 15-16 year old on television right now….

  • blair

    lea was in les mis at age 7 and started working on spring awakening at 14 when it was off off broadway and worked with it until it became the hit it is today. spring awakening should have the original cast just like Rent did and just like Wicked should. Nothing is better than the first.

  • M

    I vote Lea Michele and Jon Groff.

  • Lea is a Liar

    Lea didn’t create the role of Wendla. It was actually Haven Burton who did it in the very first workshop.

  • Kas

    I feel that if they were going to make a SA movie, they should get the entire original cast. After all, it was the original cast who voiced the soundtrack we all fell in love with and workshopped the hell out of this play before it even became popular.
    I really wish, as exciting as a movie sounds, that they had filmed the show directly from the stage as they had done with Legally Blonde. This way, we could always watch the joy of the OBC most of us fell in love with.
    However, no matter who they got, I’m sure I would see this. Spring Awakening is my favourite musical/play of all time.

  • salsakick

    Lea made Spring Awakening her life from age 14 to age 21. She was the “creator” of the role of Wendela in workshop, off-broadway, and broadway.

  • ellen

    she started the workshops for it when she was 14 and stayed with it for a long time through all the workshops to the off broadwayshow to the broadway show

  • Arielle

    she can still do it!
    on glee now she plays a 15 or 16 year old
    she say in mattress and another episode that she is a sophomore
    that qualifies as the same age as wendla would be
    now, ive never seen spring awakening
    and i only became interested because of lea
    and ive heard that its not as good with anyone other than the original cast playing the roles
    so i would love to see them recast the entire cast
    and be able to see the movie 🙂
    and having her play the role again
    would get it a lot of publicity
    because glee fans will wanna see it
    at least i will!

  • RebeccaFP

    Yes, she started in workshops and off-Broadway in 2000. It came to Broadway in 2006.

  • Nicki

    I don't think the character was supposed to fourteen, but the actress just happened to be that age.

  • Epcb7

    Actually, the character IS supposed to be in that age range of 13-16, as are all the characters. All the characters are right in the middle of puberty, and their age is part of what makes the story so dramatic, such tragic things happening to children so young and innocent.

  • just stop

    Lea is the one who worked on the role and developed the role to what it became on b-way. No one credits the people who do the workshop it is who originates it on B-way.  Stop trying to fine thing against her. 

  • Karissa Conway

    Lea was 14 when she started working on SA doing workshops and readings but she was 20 when she did off and on broadway.