Vick, Blago To Trash Reality… For Good?

For a while now, it’s seemed as if reality television was like one of those demons the Winchester boys are always hunting down on SUPERNATURAL: Get rid of one and five more pop up in their place. But there’s hope on the horizon and it comes, oddly enough, in the form of stunt casting.

Observers of the Broadway scene can always tell when a play is in danger of drawing its last breath when the show breathlessly touts the big names stepping in for short-term runs. So I’m somewhat heartened by news that two of the most vile human beings on the planet — dog-fight impresario Michael Vick and impeached, indicted seat-seller Rod Blagojevich — have signed on to do reality shows. If anyone can kill the genre, it’s these two.

Blago is hoping the courts will give him permission to jet off to the jungles of Costa Rica to take part in the new season of I’M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE, which would pay him $80,000 an episode. (Those wondering why NBC would even do a show that was pretty much a bomb when it aired on ABC back in 2003 need only look at CELEBRITY’s world-wide success). And Vick is hoping viewers will tune in for a docu-series as he attempts to make amends for the sins of his past. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vick’s already signed a deal that would pay him somewhere in the ballpark of $600,000.

What is particularly galling is that both of these men will be paid huge amounts of money to do shows, disproving the notion that crime doesn’t pay and setting a positively horrendous example for young people everywhere. That said, bringing them into the reality-tv fold could almost prove worth the price of admission if their respective shows were swamped with negative publicity, greeted with public outcry and “rewarded” with dismal ratings, thus assuring that execs might at least think twice next time. With scripted shows biting the dust on a regular basis only to be replaced by cheaply-produced, offensively-mindless fluff like THE COUGAR, and long-running reality kings SURVIVOR and AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL so completely paint-by-numbers that any member of the viewing audience can probably spout the innane lines uttered by Jeff (“Worth playing for?”) and Tyra (“Five beautiful girls stand before me…”) maybe, just maybe, people will finally tire of the genre.

Hey, a boy can dream, right?

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  • Nick

    You hit it, calling Vick one of the most VILE specimens on the planet. I can’t even call him a human, because he doesn’t have a heart or soul. Mike Vile.

    Anyone who’s read of the atrocities he inflicted on man’s best friend will agree, and those who blindly defend the guy simply have not digested the truth. Imagine someone taking your dog by the leg or tail, and wailing it against concrete until dead. Or ramming an electronic device up the pooch’s butt–electrocuting its insides–to make it a better killer. What kind of beast would drown animals…just imagine the fear and suffering those poor dogs endured at the hands of this vile thing.

    And then someone’s gonna ante up hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch him on TV, and others await his return to the NFL? I’m tellin’ ya, we have now hit the lowest of the low, folks.

  • Ace

    I cannot even tell you how much this angers me. I went to Virginia Tech, so Vick is one of our sore spots (obviously today is another one for other reasons :(). My school gave him and his brother so much love and they threw it back in our faces. I’m not a big football fan, but I do love my school and I really wish those two would just go away now. And Vick was JUST in court last week asking for bankruptcy (which thank goodness we still have decent judges in VA and he shot him down), and now he’s talking about making $600,000 for a show. And his $10/hr construction job? A joke. That construction company is a HUGE donor to VT football, so I’m sure all he’ll do is sit in an office and tell the guys stories about his glory days. I hope his creditors get every dime and it gets cancelled within two weeks.

    Oh and “Blago” is just a tool and should be in jail, not on an island.