CouchTater Says: We Want These Shows Back!

With the news that FATHER KNOWS BEST is the latest television show to get the big-screen treatment, we couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, TV execs should get in on the action. Given how much crap is currently airing — and how many great shows are either on the bubble or recently-cancelled — it might be time for the networks to consider raiding their own vaults and relaunching some classic shows. The five topping our wish list?

Yes, this NBC drama only went off the air in 2006, but the time is most definitely right for a return. Thanks to a contentious election, the seeming death of bipartisanship and attention-mongers such as Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly, the country is more politican than ever. What better time to bring back Aaron Sorkin’s brilliant series, perhaps with an entirely new administration in place? The possibilities are endless.

Several networks are attempting to develop recession-friendly comedies which reflect the time. So why not tap into the angst of the Everyman by returning to the garage in which the loveable lugs of the Sunshine Cab Company toiled? Hey, we hear Tony Danza is available…

Even as the actual genre which this late, great ABC sitcom mocked seems poised on the brink of extinction, the time couldn’t be better for a revamp of the tale which followed two families — one wealthy, one lower-middle class — who dealt with all of life’s ups and downs. The great irony is, of course, that even back in the late 70’s, the then-controversial comedy was able to pull off emotional moments that today’s daytime dramas couldn’t if they tried.

Let’s face it: DIRTY SEXY MONEY wanted to be a modern-age DYNASTY but failed. Recent research has shown, however, that when the going gets rough (economically speaking), we like to watch rich people do awful things to one another. And nobody did it better than the Carrington clan. So why not launch DYNASTY: THE NEXT GENERATION, following the antics of the original clan’s various offspring. Sorry, but I’m more interested in that then a rehash of MELROSE PLACE… especially given how awful a job The CW has done with 90210!

How this HBO comedy — starring Lisa Kudrow as former sitcom star Valerie Cherish and following her struggle to reclaim the spotlight while keeping her head above water and her dignity intact — failed, we’ll never really understand. The show made Entertainment Weekly‘s list of “new classics” and was nominated for three Emmy awards (including Outsanding lead Actress In A Comedy for Kudrow). If you never caught this, run out to buy the DVD’s (don’t rent… you’ll want them for repeated viewings) and then curse HBO for being so quick on the trigger before writing to remind them that the should still could, in fact, stage a COMEBACK.

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  • Nick

    Dynasty ruled, baby. Joan Collins Fan Club here, man. Heather Locklear and Pamela Sue Martin….such great suds stars. And Soap was can’t-miss-TV.

    I sure wouldn’t mind a revival of Felicity. Hollywood is really missing out by not having Keri Russell on weekly TV.

  • Ace

    My vote is Gilmore Girls. Rory would be done following Obama on the campaign trail and they could get her a job at the NY Times. That way she would still be close to home. It was (pre-7th season) such a well written show and just made you feel good when you watched. There is just nothing like it on TV right now and I loved everyone on that show. Privileged tried to be a replacement, but it wasn’t quite there and most likely will be cancelled.

  • Jae

    Let bring back Jericho, loved that show and it wasn’t given a chance!! Please! Please!

  • ct


    I’m always confused by people who say Jericho wasn’t given a chance. They stuck it out for a full season. Then they gave it another season, and the ratings continued to suck. At what point does a network get to say, “Hey, we did everything in our power and folks didn’t tune in!”

  • timwnatx

    I would love for a next generation dynasty. lol And soap: oh, I loved that too. I’m down for 2 out of 5. I don’t know about the rest. And I agree, I can’t watch the ‘new’ 90210. Horrible. And like U, I don’t expect much from the new melrose. But I’ll check it out and give it a chance. What any tv show deserves. Esp. in these ‘hard times.”

  • I love the idea of The West Wing coming back. After watching a full round of reruns on Bravo, I now rank it as my 2nd favorite series of all time. I think they could bring it back and focus on the 2nd term of President Santos or start at the beginning of his successor’s first term. Maybe this time the series could be about a Republican president (one more like Ronald Reagan, less George W. Bush).

    I agree with both sides of the Jericho argument. Yes, it got its fair 2nd chance, and CBS did all they could do, but in a perfect world, it’d still be awesome to see the series resume and to see the reforming of a new USA.

    I also think Moonlight deserved better.

  • I like to see the original Battlestar Galastic with Lorne Greene,Dirk Benedix(I think), and that robot dog. the Bowery Boys movie.and there were other good old shows that I like to watch.,

  • annsensei

    what about a persian gulf or afghanistan version of M*A*S*H? that show lasted more than twice as long as the ACTUAL korean conflict.

    or how about a modern version of fantasy island? there were rumors that that was in the works either as TV or movie. how better to treat hard times than with a little fantasy get away?

    another one that would be great to see come back is good times. it could bring comedy to a family struggling to keep their home from foreclosure.

    so many possibilities, so little time on air.

  • Tyrone

    I agree 100% about a Dynasty: The Next Generation. Such a rich history and incredible characters. I would definitely watch that!