DESPERATE Move Proves A Real Waste

By: CouchTater

In a plot twist typical of this season’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, Edie Britt’s death was treated much the same as her life: as an afterthought.

From the beginning, the character — played by KNOTS LANDING vixen Nicollette Sheridan — was written as a one-note character who existed mainly to vamp it up when needed. It says a lot that the character’s best friend was another secondary character, Mrs. McCluskey. The two women shared an odd bond that was, of course, never fully played or examined.

Ironically, it wasn’t until this week’s episode, as the women of Wisteria Lane mourned their frienemy, that the show finally seemed to realize just how wonderful and complex a character they had in Edie. “As far back as I can remember, a voice in the back of my head said, ‘Live it up today, because you’re not going to have a lot of tomorrows.'” And in that one, poignant scene, the show exposed the very essence of Edie Britt.

Of course, it was too little, too late.

Imagine how much more touching Edie’s death would have been if each and every one of the scenes which played out in last night’s episode had actually played out at some point over the past five seasons, allowing us to see the character as something other than a cartoon? And let’s face it: Even in death, Edie was given the short shrift, seeing as the “special” episode in which the other ladies reflected on her was nothing but a rehash of the same script which had been used when the neighborhood handyman Eli Scruggs (Beau Bridges) bit the dust.

This, however, is what passes for storytelling on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES these days. Those who still think the show is in great shape should go back and watch the stunning pilot to see that what was once — if only briefly — one of the most brilliant shows on television has become an empty, sad exercise in what might have been… much like the late Miss Edie Williams McLain Roswell Britt.

  • bws

    Ohhh… I’ll jump into a DH debate. This season’s flash-forward, in retrospect, turned out to be pointless. They shook things up for 8 episodes. Wow. And then just reverted to the way things were for the most part. (where are the flying cars???) Shouldn’t the big mystery of season 5 been what happened in the last 5 years to make person x,y,z act in such a way? The big over-arching plot of Dave’s Revenge should have been ended halfway through the season. Just a plodding, super-slow reveal.

  • ct


    I couldn’t agree more, and have written about it in the past. Unlike One Tree Hill’s fast-forward, which had a major impact on every character and story, the DH fast-forward was wildly pointless. We spent ages waiting for Mike & Susan to hook-up, only to have the flash-forward eliminate that pay-off. We never got to see the end of their marriage. The Dave mystery has been endless and moved at a snail’s pace (and it’s built on a ridiculous premise: That nobody on Wisteria Lane ever saw a picture of the man whose wife and child Mike killed). And again, having learned nothing from season’s past, the big Dave mystery has NOT really involved the entire canvas. Plus, imagine how much more impact the Dave story would have had if Dave was trying to kill SUSAN — the woman Mike has loved for years — as opposed to Katherine, whom he’s been dating for about five seconds.

  • bws

    Good point, CT. For a subdivision that gossips more than Gossip Girl, there is zero chance they wouldn’t know who Dave Williams is. Zero.

    I didn’t love the Applewhite story a couple seasons ago but this one is definitely worse.

    If Dave had gone after Susan… and succeeded, now THAT would have been a storyline.

  • timwnatx

    The flash forward was just a ploy and they did not use it well. The year long (season) mystery has not worked since the 1st year. Ever year since has paled to the 1st. Edie, a great 2nd wing character, was Never given great story. DH kills Edie off and then devotes a whole ep to her? We didn’t see Edie that much in the last 5 years. lol And at the end of the ep, I felt disappointed. We never got to know Edie til the end.

  • Mario

    hey, i hate to be the picky annoying one, but Ms Huber was Edie’s BFF not Ms McCluskey… the latter hates her guts…
    RIP Edie, u made this show bearable…

  • Naf

    The Dave storyline was fantastic during the first half of the season, but it’s definitely fizzled too soon. They revealed his motivations too early, and now we’re stuck waiting until he eventually goes along with his plan at the end of the season. The writers made a smart move brining Dave into the group, making him form a band with the husbands and be married to one of the main characters, but now he hasn’t had any contact with other characters for ages. If he’d tried to kill Susan/Katharine and their son while he was still friends with everyone then it would have been much more interesting.

    But I’m still enjoying the season, much better than season 2 and 3. Edie may not always have been written well, but Nicollette Sheridan was excellent in the role.

  • rolise

    Nicolette Sheridan should get her own show.

  • Exactly! It was so contrived how DH tried to squeeze an entire emotional connection to character in one episode. Hell, even Beau Bridges had a better send-off.

  • DB

    I agree, the writers will eventually regret killing off the BEST housewife of the show… honestly, it would have been much better just leaving Edie exile the way it was last year.

    the send-off episode seemed cheap and halfhearted, totally unnecessary. I want to see her live and expose Dave, she’s the strongest woman on Wisteria Lane, so she can totally kick his and Orson’s asses. But of course, the dumb writers hit the writer’s block and have no creative story to tell anymore. Seriously, people on that show that need to die yesterday are: Susan, Orson, and Dave.