First Look: WEEDS Season Five

weeds season five mary louise parker

Even though doesn’t traditionally celebrate 4/20 — and quite honestly believes that the only healthy addictions involve television and/or caffeine. I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to share with you a first look at the HIGHly (hehehe… get it?) anticipated fifth season of WEEDS and remind you to mark your calendars for June 8th at 10PM, when WEEDS returns immediately followed by the new series NURSE JACKIE staring THE SOPRANO’s Edie Falco.

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  • Mohammad

    YES! I’m so excited for the return of Weeds.

    And awesome poster as usual, that show has always had some creative promo images.

  • Mohammad,
    Yup, WEEDS (and Showtime) definitely took a page or two from HBO with their eye-catching creative. You would not believe how many people still google “Mary Louise Parker Nude” and come across their third season promo art

  • Ace

    I love this show, it is one of my favorites. We don’t have Showtime though, so we just buy the DVDs when they come out. Looking forward to Season 4 being released soon :).

  • DB

    it’s summer time, so it must be WEEDS time! I’m also totally excited for NURSE JACKIE, but when will CALIFORNICATION return? Can’t wait. btw, love all the promo arts Showtime did for Mary Louise Parker, easily the sexiest 40-something actress today.

  • Can’t wait for Weeds. More Californication too!

  • Susan

    Can’t wait to see “What will she think of to get out of this one?”. This is one show that I cannot even guess where the plot will go.