Watching CAPRICA? Watch This First!

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For the love of the Gods, before you press play on that just purchased copy of CAPRICA, why not take a moment to ensure the series gets off on the right foot by joining executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore in a pre-screening libation, a tradition that goes back to the first initial bow of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA mini-series.

“We were very careful in those days to do it in private because we had a lot of dignity and a lot of self-respect,” revealed Eick mere moments before the curtain fell on CAPRICA at last night’s Paley Festival event honoring both BSG and CAPRICA. “But that’s all changed now.”

So with that in mind, grab your shot of tequila (or for our underage readers, may we responsibly suggest a shot of milk… we hear it does a body good!), press play on the video above, and toast CAPRICA on what will hopefully be the start of a beautiful four, five or fifty-eight season relationship.

So say we all.

  • Karen

    I don’t get it — the movie isn’t playing on SciFi or TV at all, you have to purchase it?