In celebration of CAPRICA being released today on DVD and Digital Download (iTunes), has decided to save one lucky reader a few cubits in these uncertain economic times by giving away a brand new copy on DVD. Simply post away in the comments below with your guess for who you think the final cylon is favorite planet in the 12 colonies and you’ll automatically be entered to win.

One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on Monday April 27, so please be sure to enter with a valid email address.

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  • I’ll choose Caprica, just because it’s the same name as the DVD. Plus, the admiral and his kids are from there.

  • Denym pedersen


    because i like to be different 😀

  • Klo

    I’m going with Picon as it’s the only colony that we know of that has a sports franchise (Picon Panthers).

  • Caprica, as it still looks good 150 000 thousand years later :b

  • Caprica. It’s the center of the show and also, the place we know most about and seen the most (season 1 of BSG even was on the planet).

  • jjc22

    Virgon, because it sounds funny.

  • Jefferson

    I mean, you can say Caprica as the best colony, but I have to go with my own zodiac sign and the never (?) mentioned Scorpia.

  • I have to go with the obvious, Caprica. Picon being a second runner-up because Tyrol’s and Boomer’s house was SWEET. But before the fall Caprica looked like my kind of city. Beautiful parks, nice apartments, busy city life, kickass strip club (minus Tigh as worst strip club patron EVER – screaming at the strippers… really?)

    Even AFTER the fall it was pretty cool. Those Cylons planted trees and had that nice cafe open (before Anders blew it up.)

    Ok, damn. I really miss that show.

  • ChristinaNY

    Gemenon. They seemed to be the most spritual colony, and believed in the literal translation of the scrolls. I’m hoping that kind of faith (and maybe fate) will help me win the caprica dvds!

  • Caprica because we never really got to explore the other colonies and because it was the home of Captain Major Commander Major President Leland Joseph Adama, who just happens to be my favorite character.

  • Megan

    I’m going to go with Caprica, mainly because I’m a Capricorn. 😛

  • Andrew

    Leonis is the home to many under-appreciated heroes

  • Victoria

    I’m going with Aerilon since Baltar thinks of it as a backward planet for being mainly a farming colony but what knowledge did he need in the end?? That’s right, farming techniques.

  • Dan

    Caprica, if only for the smug sense of entitlement that comes with it!

  • Mike

    Caprica, without it there wouldn’t have been this DVD.

  • Brad

    I’d say Picon but that is because i see it as a reference to a DBZ character 😛

  • MikeV

    I will say Libran just because nobody else has

  • I’d have to say Tauron – they don’t just sit back and follow orders, they do what needs to get done…

  • Jillian

    Caprica… mostly because of all the memories of Helo running around in the rain drenched forests.

  • gzuckier

    Tauron, go!

  • Kris

    Tauron, because it is the closest thing to my favorite WoW race.

  • Jennifer

    Virgon b/c why not

  • Pseudobot

    Sagittaron. Poor guys.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Caprica because Helo, my favorite character, is Caprican.

  • Holli

    Caprica because I’m a Capricorn and apparently a self-centered one at that.

  • Anne

    Virgon…underrepresented on the show!

  • Sree J

    Sagittaron is my pick

  • blueberry

    Caprica. Because I can’t think of the other names.

    I would have said Earth because it was home to the original 13 colonies of the America. In real life.

  • Jess

    Sagittaron because it’s where Dee was from and because everyone thinks they’re better than Sagittarons (especially the Capricans!)

  • I would say Caprica, simply because I’m a capricorn! (Is that a good reason? ahah)

  • MD

    I will say Aerilon — must support the farming colony!

  • Saggitaron.

  • Ronni

    Aerilon, I must say!

  • Natalie

    I’m going with Tauron because supposedly they eat dirt 🙂

  • Patrick

    I’ll take Gemenon!

  • Carrie

    I’ll say Gemenon.

  • Liron

    I’m gonna be dull and say Caprica, just for the happy feeling I got when it was shown at the opening credits of BSG.

  • Jordan

    Hmmm….Virgon, Scorpia, Virgon, Scorpia….Virgon

  • Jason

    Aerilon. For it represents the character growth that Baltar goes thru through the whole show. Baltar (the hand of God – which represents the whole show’s destiny) tries so hard to run away from his roots, but in the end is humbled when faced with his past. In one line, Baltar shows character growth and humanity: “You know, I know a little something about farming.” He finally accepts who he is and where he came from. Aerilon – an agricultural colony.

  • Amy

    I have to go with Canceron. Granted, it’s not the greatest name, but:

    1. It gets no love. Basically all we know about the colony is that Robin Wenutu (, whom we rarely see (I certainly didn’t know her name), was its candidate at the first Quorum of Twelve.

    2. I’m a Cancer, and I’m damn proud of it.

    And . . . that’s basically all I’ve got. Sad.

  • Paul

    The obvious – Caprica

  • Beth

    Sagittaron of course.

  • e

    Tauron, obviously. Home to my yummy greasy psychopath Baltar

  • e

    Oh no. Was he from aerilon!?