Bryan Fuller Spills HEROES Season Finale Secrets

The TV Addict with PUSHING DAISIES/HEROES executive producer Bryan Fuller

It’s not everyday that this TV Addict gets to hang with the likes of PUSHING DAISIES showrunner and HEROES savior Bryan Fuller. In fact, it has never happened before. Which is why I’m lucky that the unbelievably accommodating Fuller was kind enough to humor an Ausiello-in-training at Sunday’s HEROES FOR AUTISM event in Hollywood by answering a few burning questions. That is, after first allowing me to gush over the final three episodes of PUSHING DAISIES that I had the pleasure of viewing earlier in the day at the Paley Festival (check back later in the week for some great video from Chi McBride and Ellen Greene), and humoring me as I politely asked Fuller what the status was on his much buzzed about wish to bring STAR TREK back to the small screen (“I think STAR TREK is in pretty good hands with J.J. [Abrams] at the moment,” responded Fuller.)

The TV Addict: What can you share about Monday’s HEROES season finale?
Bryan Fuller: After you watch it, I think fans will see the finale as a very logical extension of the “Fugitives” arc and agree that it’s the best finale the show has ever had. Sylar kills a hero, and kills him good, but gets some good comeuppance too. We [the writers room] broke it painstakingly in the room over two weeks, it took a long time to break because we were trying to figure out how do we earn all of this stuff and how do we set up the necessary arcs for the next season and I think we did a good job.

I think most fans would agree that since you’ve returned to show, HEROES has gotten noticeably better. WIll you be sticking around next season?
Yes. We had our writers retreat a couple of weeks ago and just this past week we’re back in the writer’s room and just finished breaking the ‘heroes’ story for the first five or six episodes and we’re very proud; Because they’re pretty awesome.

And final question, as I know you’re here for more important reasons than talking to me (see: HEROES FOR AUTISM), Are there plans to introduce any new heroes next season, or will you be focusing more on the core group of heroes.
Yes and yes.  

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