Separated at Birth: Rachel Dratch and Edna Mode


In our latest edition of ‚ÄúSeparated at Birth,” we humbly present The Incredibles brilliant costume designer Edna Mode (on left) and the latest UGLY BETTY guest star, funny gal Rachel Dratch. Is it a coincidence that Dratch, who is rumored to be Mode’s newest hire when UGLY BETTY returns this April 30th looks eerily similar to one Edna Mode from Pixar’s The Incredibles? Honestly we have no idea, although, we do know someone who might. Which is why we’re posing this question to the man, the legend, the bona-fide scene stealer and original source of this pic, Michael Urie!

Is Rachel Dratch and Edna Mode really separated at birth? Or, on a more serious note, was Edna Mode the inspiration for Rachel Dratch’s character? @michaelurie, if you’re reading this, feel free to tweet us an answer, send us an email, or post message in the comments below and let us know. (We’d also settle for an interview!)

  • Apparently we share a brain (or a deep, deep love for The Incredibles) because I had the same thought.

  • nctodc

    Wish I’d made the same connection. My mind went to Sharon Gless’ character on Nip/Tuck.

  • Carmen

    I believe Edna Mode resembles actress Linda Hunt to a t. The actress is now on NCIS: LA and she has the same hairstyle, glasses and is short. Her facial structure is the same and I believe she may have been the model for Edna Mode.