Tonight’s TV Addictions: April 22, 2009

SCRUBS (8PM ABC, City in Canada)
Who me jealous? Nah, we’re totally cool that tonight’s episode of SCRUBS features a first ever cameo for’s Korbi Gosh. I mean the girl works hard, and if anybody deserves her fifteen minutes of fame it’s…… oh who are we kidding!?!? We’re soooo jealous! Clearly SCRUBS showrunner Mr. Bill Lawrence has yet to hear the buzz from our recent appearance playing “Audience Member #25” on a recent visit to the set of GLEE. How else to explain why his people have yet to call our people! I mean, aside from the fact that it would probably help if we actually had people!

BETTER OFF TED (8PM ABC, City in Canada)
What’s worse than Ted inadvertently deleting himself from Veridian’s system? How about ABC purposely deleted BETTER OF TED from their schedule.

In between commercials, pointless banter, more commercials and the results (Lil’ Round, Anoop we hardly knew ye) Season 7 contestant David Archuleta performs.

LIE TO ME (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Proving that some actresses just can’t get let go of the L word, or at least shows that start with the letter “L”, Jennifer BEals drops by LIE TO ME as Cal’s ex-wife, an assistant U.S. attorney who hires him to get to the bottom of an arson case in which the victim accuses a childhood friend, who’s now a famous TV reporter, of burning down his house.

LOST (8PM FOX, “A” in Canada)
Even in repeats LOST manages to raise interesting questions. Questions like the mystery that has us wondering why we still get repeats of LOST when we were under the impression that the purpose of ABC holding off on LOST’s premiere until January was to avoid such pesky retrospectives (read: clip shows). We’re just sayin’

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  • Ace

    I hope ABC doesn’t delete Better Off Ted. It has really grown on me to the point that I can’t wait for it to start in an hour.

  • jelena

    was lost displayed yesterday? the special episode?

  • i’ve been really impressed with Kris for the last few episodes; he has become a real contender as of late