ABC Renews 6 Favorites (and a lot of Reality TV)

Taking much of the excitement and suspense out of next month’s annual Upfront, ABC announced today that they are picking up 12 of their current shows for next season. Which means actors on UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, BROTHERS & SISTERS and LOST can relax and breath a big sigh of relief (Yes, we’re talking to you @michaelurie)

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the likes of veteran stars such as Nathan Fillion, Christina Applegate, Bob Saget, Bobby Cannivale, Megan Mullally and Harold Perrineau — all of whom will have to wait until ABC’s May 19th presentation in New York City to discover the official fate of SCRUBS, BETTER OFF TED, SAMANTHA WHO, IN THE MOTHERHOOD, THE UNUSUALS, CASTLE, SURVIVING SUBURBIA and CUPID.

That is, unless they want to sign on the dotted line to be the next star on DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE BACHELOR or SUPERNANNY, all of which got expected pick ups for yet another season of ‘fun,’ alongside fellow reality show (read: filler) such as AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION and WIFE SWAP.

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  • Ace

    I’ve been a big Scrubs fan for years, but I think it is time for it to go. Esp since Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff have said they aren’t coming back. I’d like to see Better Off Ted and Samantha Who? get picked up. I watch Castle, but to be honest I’m not that into it. I mostly watch for Fillion.

  • blueberry

    I know I may eat my words later, but I called Castle’s cancellation when it was first announced. I also said that the powers that be were stupid for bringing back a previously canceled show (Cupid) thinking it would do any better.

    The only show of the bunch I thought had a chance was The Unusuals. It at least has the best duo ever (Goldberg and Perrineau). It might get axed, but at least I’m going to enjoy whatever shows are left.

  • Naf

    Better Off Ted is easily the best new comedy to air this season.

  • Victoria

    Ok, am I totally out of the loop? I thought Season 5 was it for LOST? I thought they decided that and planned an exit strategy and everything and I was finally going to get answers and closure! Is it season 6? Is season 6 the end?

    I haven’t watched any of season 5 yet because I can’t stand the waiting every week. I figured I’d wait until it was over and then I could watch the whole thing I wouldn’t get frustrated because it would be like a long movie. With an end. And answers. And closure.