First Look: The Cast of GLEE


Continuing to whet our appetite for May 19, when FOX raises the curtain on GLEE; their new-musical comedy hybrid from the brilliant and twisted mind of Ryan Murphy (NIP/TUCK, POPULAR) comes a whole new slew of publicity stills from the show. Are you ready to not stop believing?

Matthew Morrison, as Will

Jane Lynch as Sue

Jayma Mays as Emma

Jessica Gilsig as Terri

Cory Monteith as Finn

Lea Michele as Rachel

Mark Salling as Puck

Kevin McHale as Artie

Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina

Dianna Agron as Quinn

Chris Colfer as Kurt

Amber Riley as Mercedes

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  • Nick

    Strange. I’ve never heard of any of the student stars, yet they seem to have more charisma than most of the new 90210 cast….before I’ve even seen them act. The guy playing “Finn” is gonna be a breakout star, for sure.

  • Irish Joe


  • Josh Emerson

    Wasn’t the guy playing Finn on Kyle XY?

    I love Jane Lynch. She is hilarious.

  • Josh,

    Cory was indeed in KYLE XY and if you love Jane Lynch, you’d best be dropping by the site tomorrow for my interview with her!

  • Saw the several-minute FOX GLEE promo tonight and think it looks great. I hope it has some mainstream appeal and doesn’t suffer the same fates shows like Popular or Freaks & Geeks felt in what was even then a stronger market…

  • Shurressa

    OMG!! Kevin McHale, the HOT boy that plays Artie. He is off the group NLT!!! He is SO HOT!!! Also, Mark Salling as Puck, is way cute. This show is way great!!

  • b sainos

    i love finn!! . . . . cory monteith is so perfect!!!

  • wow i coundn’t wait for glee to come out

    but when it came and i watch it for the first time i was like omg this is crap because no goodlooking people are in it

    thats alll i have to say

    love me

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  • Tiffany

    Hi Everybody!! I love Glee, but mostly because Mark Salling is so amazingly gorgeous!! Hot Hot Hot!!

  • yazzy

    I luuuuurve Glee! Its soo AWESOME!!!!! And Finn and Puck are soooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • i love cory he is sooo hot
    taylor swift is so lucky

  • mercedies is a total nerd

  • mega loves finn!!

    I LOVE FINN SOOOO MUCH ! he is sooo hot 😉

  • jingles

    Okay, why is Terri’s photo.. so photoshopped!? it looks terrible! Her head is bigger than her body!

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  • i like them xo much!!!!

  • Gleek

    I <3 GLEE

  • John Adams

    I love glee it is the best. quinn is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    i like this you should keep it on.

  • Jarydbalbieran

    i loved glee!!!!!its like a drug……

  • pucklover

    i know right

  • para san…..for where?..