Guess the Celebrity Voice: FAMILY GUY Edition

Can you guess the celebrity voice of “the stranger at the gym holding the dirty needle” who drops by Sunday’s brand new episode of FAMILY GUY? If so, you’re a bigger addict of [insert the name of current Hollywood heartthrob] than I am.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that — says the TV Addict who’s spending his Friday night catching up with this week’s episodes of CHUCK, SOUTHLAND, PRIVATE PRACTICE, HARPER’S ISLAND and FRINGE!

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  • Could it be Chase Crawford? I seem to remember reading about it everywhere earlier today 😉

  • al

    sounds like will arnett… not sure if he’s a heartthrob though

  • ewanspotter

    He must not be from anything I watch.

  • bws

    Oh wow… that could be Chase Crawford… He just got+2 points from me on my arbitrary scale. Now if only he would stop being so wooden on GG.

  • L

    definitely Chace Crawford