Tonight’s TV Addictions: Sunday April 26, 2009

THE SIMPSONS (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Proving those pesky Simpsons have all the luck, Marge gets hooked on a sauna she FINDS in her basement. Whereas the last discovery we found in our basement was a leaky one that ended up costing us a whole lotta D’oh!

FAMILY GUY (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Further evidence that actual talent is not a prerequisite for providing a guest voice on the Seth MacFarlane laugher comes Wentworth Miller and Chace Crawford who lend their voice to tonight’s episode playing high school students (Further cementing our theory is next week’s special guest star Lauren Conrad.)

ZZZZZzzzz…. sorry, what’s that? Last week’s tribute to Edie is finally over? Phew.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (10PM ABC, Global in Canada)
Growing tired of waiting for Tommy’s return, Julia takes a long hard look at her future. Which we’re just gonna go ahead and say, doesn’t look good. I mean just ask Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) how he’s doing following his divorce from Sara.

Aspiring actors vie for the lead role in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Soon to be “Josephine and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” if Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber and Susan Boyle have their way.

THE 2009 TV LAND AWARDS (8:30PM TV Land)
While the evening’s honorees include M*A*S*H, HOME IMPROVEMENT, MAGNUM, P.I., Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Don Rickles, all one really needs to know is that it’s hosted by future TV land honoree and current awesomeee Neil Patrick Harris (and yes, we’re aware that ‘awesomeee’ is not actually word; But frankly, we’re so over the ‘Legen…. (wait for it)…. dary’ gag)

  • im not a fan of the simpsons, ill probably watch desperate housewives if anything out of that list.

  • Irish Joe

    I REALLY like Julia on B&S… With Tommy gone now, I guess that means she will be going too, such a shame, she was majorally under-used.. even back when her daughter died, she should have been given the screen time to really shine, but no… there was probably something more important for Kitty to do that demanded screen time, like the grocery shopping or something..Can anyone confirm if Julia is sticking around, or was Balthazar Getty’s quiting/firing from the show also mean that Sarah Jane Morris automatically had to go too..?

  • I am so addicted to “Any Dream Will Do”… Come on BBC America, more John Barrowman!

  • jan

    wow, stop trying to be like television without pity.
    it’s really lame
    and they do it much better :]