Chuck Bartowski: This Sub is for You!

save chuck
The TV Addict devours his Pizza Sub, Thanks Subway!

Even though we had a sneaking suspicion that star Zachary Levi would not personally be preparing our foot long Pizza sub, as he did for 400 or so of his closest friends over the weekend, this TV Addict didn’t want to miss out on one final opportunity to show the proverbial powers that be at NBC, and more importantly potential advertisers (like Subway’s chief marketing officer Mr. Tony Pace) just how much a third season renewal for CHUCK means to fans of quality television everywhere.

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  • Mel


  • Lioness

    Very cute. If you put it on YouTube it would be easier to RT it.

  • Lioness,

    But I was trying to be all cool with my animated gif 🙂

    If you’d like to copy it onto your own site/blog/twitter whatever, here’s the direct link:

  • Josh Emerson

    I desperately want Chuck to be renewed, but I don’t see how this is going to help. Subway doesn’t even own its own restaurants, so how will they notice any sort of rise in sales for one day?

    From Wiki: “much of Subway’s rapid growth can be attributed to its uncommon business model. Unlike most franchisors, the parent company does not operate any restaurants. Local franchisees operate the stores”

  • timwnatx

    very nice tvaddict. i’m allergic to wheat, so no subway for me. lol but i totally support the save chuck movement.

  • Alison

    I was going to ask why you didn’t have a save chuck campaign like other blogs, but hey! you’re doing your part! haha

  • Josh – I”m not sure sure how Subway tracks their franchise-wide sales but they do. Subway marketing officer Tony Pace saw a major rise today:

    “Pace was so impressed with “Chuck’s” impact on sandwich sales, he actually called a top NBC ad sales executive to let him know just how much Subway loved the Chuckster. What’s more, Pace told NBC the company hoped the network decided to renew “Chuck” for another season.” – TV Week

  • Ace

    GMMR — Thanks for the update :). That’s awesome. Last night’s episode was so good and cliff-hangery that it would be a shame if they canned it. “Guys, I know kung fu!” Plus, they left it open for Scott Bakula to return and who doesn’t love him??