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Now as regular readers of know all too well, this web site is completely 100% TV focused and almost never interrupts your regularly scheduled TV news, reviews and interviews for anything outside of the occasional shameless photograph of your very own TV Addict with [insert your favorite celebrity here!]

That said, I’ve been thinking about this questions since @brianstelter tweeted the news that “For the first time, a broadcaster is refusing Obama’s request for airtime. Per AP, FIX says it’ll air LIE TO ME on Wed, not press conference” and have decided to throw caution to the wind by posing this question: If President Bush were still in office, would FOX have dared to risk the wrath of their corporate overlords by not airing a Presidential press conference?

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  • Hils

    He has been pretty prime time conference-happy. More so than other presidents, Bush included.Will he be bumping LOST now? Do we need the stock market to drop that badly? He bumped off Chuck a while back and that pissed me off. There are a zillion ways of getting the word out on stuff. I mostly read my new online and watch news clips online. I hate watching press conferences. Having numerous prime time tv appearances just make me turn the tv off and not watch. Petty, perhaps. I just feel inundated by it already.

  • Silly

    Id say if it was for Bush none of the networks would actually air it, coz no matter what stupid tv show is running its still better than hearing that idiot speak for a whole hour
    just my opinion

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m honestly a bit surprised Fox is doing this. If it were going to interfere with Idol again it’d be one thing. But Lie to Me? Really?

    If Bush were still in office (thank God he isn’t) and he wanted to have a prime time news conference, I’m sure Fox would air it. I do believe politics is playing a part in this decision, considering Lie to Me is no American Idol. It could easily be delayed.

  • ewanspotter

    Meh. The CW never airs presentational conferences (Bush or Obama) and there’s never any cry of “OMGBIAS!”

    I don’t know. It’s not like it’s a written law that says they HAVE to, especially for something that’s not a dire emergency. It’ll be on the other networks, and the 24-hour news channels…. so why not air original programing? It’ll certainly up Lie To Me’s ratings.

  • Hils

    People will miss out on the only entertainment such press conferences give us: seeing how each station sets its magenta. With all of the networks playing the same thing you can really tell the differences. Which one looks more yellow, which one gives the most unflattering angle (more of a Bush thing), which one is a word off from the others, which one seems washed out. That is the only benefit from having them all play it and it is mildly amusing for about a minute before I turn my tv off.

    Why are TNT and CW and USA not anti-American for not playing it? Sure, they are not the big four, but still. When expressing your Americanism you can never go too far. I say they’ve not gone far enough. Every station down to the one that plays polka dancing and cattle auctions should wear their flag lapel pin, I mean show the press conference.

  • annsensei

    I think they would have aired it if it was Bush, but just because it was so rare. Obama has had press conferences that disrupt prime time almost every week.

  • Ace

    I really think it is a matter of the quantity of press conferences that Obama has been holding rather than the fact that he is a democrat. I’d be upset if I was a TV station too. It seems like every other week he is taking more than an hour of primetime. And yes, what he is saying is important and the Federal government (in the US anyway) does provide the broadcast signals for the stations (hence why we have the FCC and they can enforce the crazy digital switch), but TV stations have a right to make money with that station. Bush pretty much interrupted TV twice a year. I’m a fan of Obama, but he says the same thing at each conference and I think one every 3 months or so for half an hour should be plenty.

  • Ace

    And, Hils, I was upset when he disrupted Chuck too. That was right after their big ratings increase for the 3D episode and then two weeks went by before it was on the air again. I think it really hurt.

  • Nick

    I could care less what the two-faced politician has to say.

    And if he makes me miss one minute of LOST, I’ll dislike him even more than I do now, if that’s even possible.

  • Wow. Lots of Obama hate here. The fact of the matter is that despite popular opinion most networks are owned by conservatives. I find it fishy that FOX is choosing not to bump “Lie to Me” (a fair to middling show ratings-wise).

    Yes, Obama has had lots of press conferences but people say they want gov’t transparency. How is the news supposed to get out there to the people? Catch them when they’d normally be watching tv. Lots of people don’t read papers or blogs or watch all the news. That simple.

    And the argument about CW (or USA, TNT) is irrelevant. Those networks are never preempted (CW-by choice, USA/TNT because they are cable networks which means their programming is paid for by the viewer). So it’s a moot point. The fact that FOX is changing it’s protocol (for a show that is not extremely popular) says something about the network.

  • orange

    Great post, shanna.

  • Ace

    shanna — The reason Fox isn’t preempting is that Lie to Me started really strong and they are loosing viewers fast. So the fear is that if they take a week off, it will just hurt them even more.