CHUCK Season Finale: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


The Good: Like all great season finales, last night’s CHUCK capper managed to give every character a moment in the spotlight. (1) Morgan got to do his best to help save the day as an, “unofficial member of the wedding party.” (2) Jeffster! rocked the house and in doing so managed to cleverly cover up a Chuck vs. Fulcrum showdown in the adjacent banquet hall. (3) Ryan McPartlin’s delivered a… [wait for it]… awesome reaction upon learning the wedding was delayed due to Chuck being MIA. (4) Ellie tried to calm her nerves with Yoga, and then later in the tub with a bottle of champagne. (5) Casey got to play wedding planner and demonstrated his true loyalty to Chuck by giving him his digits with the one caveat being that in true Casey fashion, “your fingers better be on fire when you’re dialing.” (6) Sarah choose Chuck over Bryce! (7) And of course, our titular hero realized that he is in fact the one a hero… and oh yeah, that he knows Kung Fu! Which brings us to…

The Bad: Which is not so much of a ‘bad’ as a concern. Because as uber-critic Alan Sepinwall so correctly pointed out, “[Josh] Schwartz and [Chris] Fedak have enough credit banked that I’m going to assume they know what they’re doing in fundamentally altering the main character in this way.” That said, one of the big appeals of both CHUCK the show and the character has always been that our favorite nerd-herder was a seemingly average guy thrown into an extraordinary situation (think: HEROES, before it went downhill!) And that as ridiculous as his surrounding seemed to get, Chuck almost always remained the sane and one we could relate to. That is until last night’s jaw-dropper of an ending that had Chuck download the new and improved Intersect Version 2.0 into his head giving him the ability to kick some serious bad guy butt. Begging the question, how exactly will this affect the show going forward? Which of course, brings us to…

The Ugly: Is the question of “going forward” a moot point (or as Joey Tribianni might put it, a “moo” point) when NBC has so clearly (accidently?) posted on their web site that last night’s series finale was in fact a SEASON FINALE? (see photographic evidence below) [Update via Alan Sepinwall on twitter] “ Chuck “series finale” thing was, in fact, a mistake, and has been taken down.”


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  • Ace

    *sigh* You mean last night’s “season” finale was a series finale :(. I really hope that was just a typo. I love Chuck too much. And this is what happens when I love a show, it goes away. *sniff* Pushing Daisies *sniff*

  • I thought last night’s *season* (hopeful thinking) finale was excellent, possibly the very best episode of the series so far. Although I do have a few mixed feelings about the final moments, I loved Ellie’s wedding v2.0 (except for her hair being up, but the wind was blowing, so I’ll overlook it), I loved that Casey showed loyalty to Chuck by helping him at the church & then planning the 2nd ceremony, and loved that Chuck & Sarah’s relationship is finally solidified & real.

    One of my few, small complaints about the show are the antics of the Buy More crew, so it is good to see both Chuck & Morgan quit from there. I could have done without the musical performance by Jeffster, but it was almost worth it considering it gave Captain Sheridan, uh, I mean Bruce Boxleitner the opportunity to deliver the funniest line of the season.

    A great show with the a hottest woman on TV (Yvonne Strahovsky), a veteran of Firefly (Adam Baldwin), Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap, and Bruce Boxleitner from Babylon 5 all in the same hour of TV — Awesome. 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    The Chuck SEASON finale was fantastic. I’m not sure I love the twist of the updated Intersect giving Chuck things like fighting skills, but I definitely want to see what happens next.

    I have to say, I loved Chevy Chase’s role on the show. He was a great villain.

    The only “Ugly” is that there’s any chance the show won’t return next year.

  • CaptainZap

    We all know that renewals of shows on the bubble are often undecided until after the season finale is in the can. I have no doubt that the show we saw last night was intended to be a series finale. Everything was all wrapped up in a tidy bow. Very little was left to the imagination for next season because they weren’t expecting one.

    Like everyone else here, I really, REALLY hope there is a next season, but I respect the heck out of the creative minds behind the show for not leaving us hanging. Assuming they didn’t know their fate, it was a great gift to the fans in the event that Chuck wasn’t renewed.

    I would hate it if Chuck weren’t coming back, but at least I would feel like there was some closure. If they are back, I trust the writers to “undo” anything that would hurt the future of the story.

  • Blue

    So, why was there a ( to be continued … ) at the end of the episode ??

    Now I’m confused !!?

  • Nick Somoski

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