Why Does Nobody Ever Really Die on HEROES? Discuss:


As it turns out, Bryan Fuller’s assessment that last night’s season finale of HEROES was “the best finale the show has ever had,” lived up to the hype. Too bad as season finales go, HEREOS doesn’t have much of a track record to live up to.

Sure, as promised by Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), a hero who had been with the show from day one die did in fact die. The only problem being, nobody on HEROES really ever stays dead. Leaving this TV Addict to wonder just how long it will take for Matt Parkman’s mojo to wear off, forcing The Company to resurrect the original Sylar (with the help of the spare shapeshifter that HRG already alluded to down in Building 26) in an effort to bring down Nathan Petrelli. Who it seems is already letting his inner-Sylar get the better of him.

Our guess, November sweeps! What’s yours?

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  • christheprinter

    Why do they always chicken out from actually showing us in the good fights. Whatever clair was watching was what I was actually hoping to see, but once again was let down, At least Adrian gets to keep his paycheck a little longer.

  • Debsa

    Episode 3 of Volume 5…

  • Silly

    That finale sucked!!!!!

    And I think Episode 4 Volume 5

  • Alanix

    “Heroes” and “Lost” have become the “Twin Peaks” for Gen-X’ers…a great first season, and now, they are making it up as they go along. (yawn) I could care less about either of them.

  • Comparing Heroes to Lost is blasphemy. Lost has an endgame in sight and if you’ve watched any of this season you’d know just how good it is! Heroes is a floundering show that is scared to make any decisions that have a real impact, which is why no main characters will ever actually be killed off. They just keep introducing new heroes to have them contribute to the body count.

  • blueberry

    Hey, is HEREOS like Cheerios meets Heroes, because I’d watch that over this mish mash of horribleness. Or I’d eat it for breakfast.

    And to answer your question. It will wear off the first episode because the peeps at Heroes can’t seem to survive without having Sylar to opposite-of-pine-over.

    Ugh. I hate watching this show.

  • Athena606

    I thought it was a great finale. Really am enjoying it. Upset about Nathan really being dead. WHy couldn’t they shot him up with Claire’s blood. And you just now that Sylar will be back by November and poor mama Petrelli will be even crazier that she already is. All in all loved it especially Tracy I knew it!

  • shanna

    And this is why every time someone asks me to give Heroes a second chance I won’t. I’m so over it. Did they ever even make up for the fact that Peter left that girl in the (probably changed by now) future?

  • Lisa

    “…with the help of the spare shapeshifter that HRG already alluded to down in Building 26…”
    Just to clarify …. I believe the spare shapeshifter is the one Syler killed when he took the shapeshifting power. The heroes used his dead body as the “Syler” whose dead body they burned at the end of the episode.

  • Irish Joe

    I agree that Heroes & Lost have been very similar in their runs so far…

    Both had amazing first seasons, both were very much let down in their second seasons, both tried hard to bring it back in their 3rd season but didnt really…

    So far Lost then did have a much better 4th season, but again, an average 5th season… so it reamins to be seen if Heroes will do a Lost and have a better 4th season…

    I hope it does as I like the show, but, I’m also happy to give it up if they decided to drop it…

  • I honestly can’t make up my mind about Heroes. I’m tired of the constant broken promises that it will return to the quality of the first season only to be disappointed. At the same time, I’m not sure I dislike the show quite as much as some other people do.

    I already tried putting it on a “3-strike plan” only to give it a free pass when I thought it was getting better. It has had a couple of decent episodes in the latter half of the season only to be sprinkled among some mediocre, transitional episodes. The show is uneven at best.

    So, since I can’t make up my mind — logical or not, fair or not — I’m linking my continued viewing of Heroes to the renewal of Chuck. If Chuck is renewed, I’ll remain undecided about Heroes a little while longer. But, if Chuck is cancelled, that’s it for Heroes. Partially, it would be because I see them a bit like a Monday night package deal, partially because Chuck is better than Heroes and if the better show can’t get renewed why watch the lesser show, and partially to boycott NBC because I think Kings & Meet the Press would be the only NBC shows left for me to watch (Kings only has a few eps left in the summer anyway & I’m less enthused about Meet the Press ever since the oversaturation of political news & the death of Tim Russert last year).

  • addicted

    Really? Comparing the craptasticness that is Heroes with Lost?

    Wow… That boggles the mind.

  • showtime

    I think Heroes has borrowed one to many plotlines from Days of Our Lives…no one ever dies on that show either

  • Dom C

    I can’t see Heroes going into another season after this finale. With Hiro now in full control of his power and sylar now a “good guy” theres just no where to go. Even if they have Hiro go back and stop Claire from showing off her power theres just no where to go any more. If Sylar does go back to being a bad guy it will just be corny because he was only good for about 1 day. I think a major reason Sylar is such a good character is because we all know he has the potential to be good. Once they turn him good then evil again that potential is gone and the character becomes 1 dimensional.