AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 Results: Who Went Home

Dying to know which contestant America sent home packing tonight, but not enough to actually sit through the commercial-filled, over-produced, hour-long borefest that was tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL results show? No problem, that’s what is here for!

Matt Giraud, the clock starts ticking on your 15 minutes in 3… 2… 1…

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  • Josh Emerson

    Matt has been my favorite throughout the show. But I expected him to go this week, so I’m taking it alright. Here’s hoping Allison or Kris can get into the finals!

  • mOhAnE

    i neva lykd him. hes jus lyk dat kris guy i hope he Leaves tooo dere xctly the same~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Scott

    Please tell me that Kris and Adam weren’t in the bottom three..

  • Kristen

    That’s exactly what happened Scott!

  • Nick

    How funny would it be if Adam Lambert were to be voted off simply because everyone “assumes” he’s leading the pack and has plenty of votes. And then the judges sit in terror/shock as they realize they already used their one-and-only “save” on a guy who’s gone again?

    Please, please let this happen.

  • Kristen

    As much as I love that visual Nick, even if they hadn’t have saved Matt, they weren’t allowed to use it after the final 5 had been announcecd, so that thought wouldn’t have crossed their minds anyway. I was going crazy at the possibility of Adam leaving though! God, that would be sweet!

  • Nick

    I don’t watch the show, but happened to read what the moron Seacrest did once again Wednesday: asking Adam to choose to stand with a group of two at the end–in essence, who he thought was safe or not.

    WHY? Don’t people just *cringe* every season when he pulls that crap? How tasteless and amateur…well, just like Seacrest truly IS. And to expect the fifth contestant to basically sit on the floor in protest of the moronic choice put before him? I’m frankly speechless. It’s really hard to fathom how Seacrest still has a job. And may I add: Randy Jackson adds zilch to the show…from Day 1. Time to put that Dawg to sleep.

  • Kristen

    It’s not Ryan’s fault. You know the producers make him do that for dramatic effect! It’s a way to drag it out a little longer without the viewers going “Get on with it already!”

  • Pedro Oz

    We are all confused down under why Danny is so popular. Sure the guy can sing, but he’s not Idol material, truly the guy is a total slime bag. He has the smuggest smirk and always oozes slimy self belief that he will win. Don’t do it America.