TV Ratings: Tuesday April 28, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 22.54 7.9/22
CBS NCIS 16.32 3.4/10
NBC The Biggest Loser 7.99 3.2/9
ABC According to Jim 3.57 1.0/3
CW Reaper 1.82 0.7/2
9PM CBS The Mentalist 16.90 3.7/9
ABC Dancing with the Stars Results 14.27 3.2/8
FOX Fringe 10.61 4.2/10
NBC The Biggest Loser 10.19 4.0/10
CW 90210 1.80 0.9/2
10PM CBS Without a Trace 12.35 2.5/7
NBC Law & Order: SVU 10.50 3.9/11
ABC Cupid 6.16 1.7/5
  • Mark

    1.80 and 1.82?????????????????????????????????/

    whats wrong with 90210 and Reaper???????????????/

    they’re great shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob

    Why have CW shows gone down so much lately as opposed to the other networks? Anyone know?

  • While I have no actual evidence to back this up, the biggest reason I believe the CW is hemorrhaging viewers is because their target young demo of 14-30 year olds are watching most of their TV either (a) online or (b) on their own time via a Tivo/DVR.

  • Jacob

    Okay, thanks tvaddict. That makes a lot of sense though. Do you know what their ratings standards are? I just wonder would they ever be so low they suddenly cease to exist as a network

  • Common Sense

    PRECISELY the problem. The CW chose to make their prime demo a group of 12-34 women who are–yes!–tech savvy and have (gasp!) lives! Sure, for the most part, the girls want to watch the CW shows, BUT at a time which is convenient for THEM. So if The CW can’t live with LOW overnight ratings and most viewers watching via internet, the network will always have problems. Because THESE issues aren’t going away–until the CW expands its demo beyond a group of viewers who ARE NOT (and never will be) glued to the tube between 8-10pm.