Amy Brenneman Teases Tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE Season Finale


PRIVATE PRACTICE’s Amy Brenneman is a reporter’s worst nightmare.

Oh sure, she’s as nice as she is beautiful and came armed with a seemingly-endless array of thoughtful answers and entertaining anecdotes for this TV Addict’s one-on-one interview. But just try and ask one teensy little question about the identity of Violet’s babydaddy or what fans can expect on tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE season finale and her portrayer, Amy Brenneman, suddenly gives you the silent treatment.

“I’ll tell you a funny story that I don’t even think [PRACTICE creator] Shonda [Rhimes] knows,” shares Brennerman when asked if she ever gets nervous working for the notoriously spoiler-free writer. “I was up in Regina Saskatchewan [Canada] and it was 30 below when I got the offer to do PRIVATE PRACTICE. I was told that when I come back to Los Angeles, I could meet with Shonda. So I said, ‘Great, but I have to read the pilot.’ Which meant my lawyer had to review this huge confidentiality agreement because ‘Camp Shonda’ is so hyper about spoilers. So I get the script that is watermarked with my name on it. Long story short, I return to my hotel room after a day of shooting and half the script is gone! I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Luckily, one of the prop guys found it and swore he didn’t read it, even though his wife was a huge GREY’S ANATOMY fan.”

Turns out the prop guy’s wife isn’t the only one with a thing for the dysfunctional docs of Seattle Grace hospital.

Once production wrapped on Brenneman’s CBS hit JUDGING AMY and she’d given birth to her second child, the stay-at-home mom got hooked on the show whose spin-off she’d one day headline. “I got really sucked into the whole Izzie/Denny thing,” she admits, adding that it made her decision to sign on for PRACTICE that much easier. “I just knew that this would be a really fun thing to do.”

Watching ANATOMY also clued the actress into the fact that she wouldn’t be trapped playing a bland, one-note character if she accepted the PRACTICE role. “If you have a long to term commitment on a series, you better make sure you have room for all those colors, otherwise you’re going to get completely bored,” she says. “I remember turning to [husband] Brad [Silberling] and saying, ‘these actors, they get to do all that.’ On a dime, Shonda can turn it from funny and romantic to super dramatic.”

Speaking of dramatic… what can fans expect of tonight’s finale? Seeing as it coincides with Violet’s due date and the return of the mentally-unstable patient who lost her own baby a few weeks back, we suspect big things will be afoot. “The nature of a season-finale cliffhanger is that a lot of things are left hanging in the balance,” Brenneman teases elusively. Having already consulted with Rhimes, the actress does finally let slip at least a bit of info: “In terms of Violet’s storyline, something happens that makes the babydaddy thing secondary,” she reveals. “It’s big.” And given the level of secrecy surrounding Rhimes’ creative offspring, that’s practically a major spoiler.

Don’t miss the PRIVATE PRACTICE season finale airing tonight at 10PM on ABC, “A” Channel in Canada

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  • annsensei

    I just watched it. WHOA!!!!! now THAT’s a cliffhanger!!!!! I hope pete goes over to check on her soon!!!!! cooper feel eternally guilty!!!!! I actually like pete and violet together, so I hope everything works out ok!!!!!

  • Kathi

    The most heartwrenching comment from the episode was when the mentally unstable woman says, “You know you’re not going to survive this, right?” And Violet nods her head…..but is still determined to help the woman so her baby can live. That is incredible writing. Kudos to Shonda & her writing staff.

  • Melissa

    As a woman who is going to give birth in about a month, I have to say that scared the heck out of me and left me with a very uneasy feeling. I didn’t like it……

  • Betty

    our satellite kicked out for parts of the show. How did she come to have a bloody nose????

  • Kelly

    She got the bloody nose because Katie hit her in the face to make her stop talking. This was the best episode of Private Practice that I have seen in a long time; I’m so anxious for next season!

  • Anne

    I just feel sick after watching that. Sick in the pit of my stomach. I want to know if Amy is leaving the show, how do you come back from this? Pete isn’t going to go check on her, they are all independent adults who don’t hang on each other’s every move. This was too much, I just feel sick.

  • i really liked the way Pete told violet that he should have fought for her, and he loves her.
    when she went in to tell him she changed her mind and they kissed, it was very warm and loving; he sounded so manly when he said. stop talking(so he could continue kissing). i was truly scared for violet when i saw the crazy women pulling out all those surgical tools. that’s great acting, wonderful story lines!!
    i can’t wait for violet to be saved!

  • Beth

    Anne I totally agree with you. I was deeply disturbed by the ending of this episode. I was a little disappointed that Shonda would write something like that considering most of the fans that watch the show are women and some of the women may be pregnant while watching this. I was so upset after the show ended I was seriously considering not watching the show any longer but I know my curiosity will get the best of me. I really hope that they turn this around.

  • Tanya

    I loved it,,,,but I always wonder about Cooper and Violet I remember on the pilot he was originally in love with her and they are so close. I like Shelton and Pete. That lady gave me the creeps but this was hands down the best private practice episode I’ve seen and I have seen them all.

  • I was disturbed in my sleep that night and felt uneasy most of the next day. TV rarely, if ever, affects me that way.

    Maybe that’s good writing but personally I watch TV for enjoyment, not nightmares.

    I love PP and the cast of characters, but if they have to go to this extreme on a regular basis for drama, I might have to let it go.

    I don’t want to feel that sick to my stomach from watching TV.

    Call me silly, but I really like happy endings.

  • Laura

    I really liked the final episode. I didn’t get to watch it until Saturday and didn’t realize that it was the finale. I’ve searched all over the place today trying to find out when the next was coming on. Wow! this was a heck of a cliff hanger. I love PP and have DVRd every episode. I love all the characters. There really isn’t anyone one person I’m not hooked on their story. Thanks for awesome entertainment.

  • Robyn Best

    I loved it. I’ve told everyone about it, at work and my friends.
    They are all totally intrigued. I think you will have many more people watching the show just from the craziness of the cliff hanger. I can’t wait. I didn’t realize it was the last show of the season and I have not stopped thinking about it. It was all so disturbing. I loved Judging Amy and that’s another reason why I love this show, I hope she lives to make it to the next season/

  • Wow really people! I thought it was great. That’s just my opinion. We’re all entitiled to them. But seriously those of you who thought it was SO SCARY! So over the top. I say GET A LIFE!!!! It’s a t.v. show! You wanna watch something SCARY? Try the NEWS! I two am a woman and have children. I think it really pulls at your heart strings but is’nt that what it’s supposed to do? Again it’s just good t.v. It gives us something to cheer for, something to hope for. I think it’s exciting when things are out of your control and come on nobody is REALLY getting hurt. I say way to go! Thanks for shaking things up! Trust me I want things to be peaches and cream but is’nt a little fun to just not know. Something to look forward to!

  • April

    Personally, I didn’t like the ending either. I found it very disturbing. If it would have ended with Cooper just arriving at Violet’s house, we would have some hope for Violet’s character being saved since there is no indication that either Pete or Sheldon are on their way to see her. Envisioning a woman having a baby ripped out of her stomach in general makes me queasy. It made it even worse having fallen in love with Violet’s character. Pete has already lost his wife too and the possibilty of him losing Violet is heartwrenching for me and if Violet does die imagine the guilt Cooper will feel from not saving her. I really hope Violet will be saved, she makes the show what it is. The tragedy that will befall the Private Practice if Violet does die won’t make the show worth seeing anymore unless I want to be sad.

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  • Simone

    The finale!!!!!! at this point how is there anyway she could be saved!? if violet dies i will never watch this show again and ill be so sad!

  • Tara

    When does Private Practice return again?

  • “Barbara Farrell

    I love this show and hope it returns next season. With all the stars intact.

  • Kazza

    We just got the final last night. WOW. I reckon that Sheldon will rock up to get his answer and somehow get in the house. Katie will then stab Sheldon, and he will die but, not before inflicting some serious damage to Katie. Then Violet will be all like OMG Sheldon saved me I should have chosen him and because of that her and Pete won’t be able to live happily ever after for another episode. Oh and her baby will be called Sheldon. What do you reckon????

  • Sandra

    I saw the last episode and thought it was great! I’m really suprised about the people who said it was ‘disturbing’ ! What about law and order and shows like that! Yes I was totallly on the edge of my seat… But disturbed?I think there’s worse on tv than that!

  • Vikki

    i think you might be close kazza with your prediction of events. lets hope she does survive and the baby is ok. i hope she doesn’t call it sheldon though! it would be so sad if violet dies just when pete decided to man up.
    i did find the episode disturbing but that is probably because i am 5 months pregnant and that scenario would be my worst nightmare! that just goes to show how well written and acted this episode was to cause such a reaction!

  • Amazing! Brilliant acting, brilliant script. When is the Practice coming back?
    For people who say they don’t want to watch it again, or are disturbed…just gotta remeber, it’s NOT REAL and it is ACTING…although it is disturbing that this stuff does happen out in the real world, but this is a TV show, and the actors/crew/production are just brilliant at their job if they achieve in making people feel and get emotional for the characters which are protrayed! Congrats to the production for producing a great drama.
    It is cruel to leave this as a cliffhanger, can’t wait until it is back on air again!

  • Betty

    I think the actress Amy Brenneman is ill in real life.
    She is bone thin and they layer her with clothes.
    I understand someone is leaving the series and I wonder if it is Any and for her own health reasons.