BETTER OFF TED Creator Thinks We’re Better Off Without Obama (Constantly Interrupting Our Regularly Schedule Programming)

Apparently this TV Addict isn’t the only one who is slightly perturbed by President Obama’s continued insistence on interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for long and meandering speeches that could have easily been summed up like so, “America has tough times ahead.”

Meet Victor Fresco, creator of ABC’s BETTER OFF TED. Who in response to his critically acclaimed, yet ratings anemic series, has dedicated the latest Veridian Dynamics commercial to his thoughts on the matter (Veridian Dynamics being BETTER OFF TED’s fictional and morally bankrupt megacorporation that serves as the source of much of TED’s humor.)

Thanks to Deadline Hollywood Daily for the Tip!

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  • Ace

    Poor Better Off Ted, now they will get two weeks off since ABC is showing two Scrubs next week. That’s just not going to help ratings.

  • Jillian

    Oh… my kind of humor! 😀

  • Jacob

    That was funny. I agree it gets in the way of great shows but at least when Obama addresses the nation I tune in. Can’t say I ever did the same with Bush.

  • Jerry

    How can you tell when Obama is lying? His lips are moving.

  • Bill

    Bush may have stumbled over his word but he was not tied to his teleprompter. Obama reads well the question is who is writing his script and what is it they really want?

  • Lenore

    Better Off Ted was easily a top five comedy on TV. Screw all of your politics, the show iis unfortuately better off dead.