Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Win WILL & GRACE on DVD!


Swine Flu! A recession! Two wars on terror! If last night’s Presidential Press Conference made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that America doesn’t have much to smile about these days. Which is why this TV Addict has decided to inject some much needed laughter into your life by giving away two ‘WILL & GRACE: BEST OF DVDs’ (which just so happen to include some of our all-time favorite episodes featuring the likes of Matt Damon, Barry Manilow, Minnie Driver and Kevin Bacon) to 2 lucky readers.

Simply post away in the comments below with your favorite laugh-out-loud WILL & GRACE moment before Thursday May 7th and you’ll be automatically entered to win both WILL & GRACE: BEST OF LOVE & MARRIAGE and WILL & GRACE: BEST OF FRIENDS & GOES on DVD which are coming to DVD Tuesday May 5th.

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  • Victoria

    Well that is easy for me. Crouching Father, Hidden Husband: The moment when Jack pushes his son off the dance floor and proceeds to do the entire dance to N*Sync’s “Pop”.

    Can I win just because I’m first?

  • Alison

    My favorite moment is definitely from the episode “Coffee and Commitment” when Jack becomes addicted to coffee because there’s a cute guy working in the coffee shop and he comes in Will and Grace’s apartment talking like 1000 words a minute, I lovee it! It cracks me up every time! I also love later in that episode when, I’m not sure how to explain it, at the wedding when jack and Karen try to slap each other but they both stop the other and then they slap each other for real. I LOVE that show and every episode is fantastic, I’ve seen everyone at least 4 times lol. I miss it and it will always be my favorite comedy.

  • Sarah

    Has to be the leaking bra bit for me. It’s just too funny!

  • Josh C.

    has to be when will wanted to be karens lawyer and she made him sing olivia newton john on the piano……..”i love you, i honestly love” hahahaha

    or the episode where will meets the guy who is a HUGE mamas boys. classic

  • Rachel

    Matt. Damon. (said in the Team America voice). I love that he actually is capable of playing a role other than a morally conflicted cop/assassin/CIA agent/et al.

  • Liron

    “Just Jack!” or about anything Karen said.

  • Jamie

    My favourite laugh out loud moment would be the entire Kevin Bacon episode. The best part being when Jack knows that if Kevin Bacon had a dollar for each time he had his jock strap stolen from the gym, that he would have $186. “It’s just an expression!”

  • Jill

    One of my favorites is the episode with Jack’s Cher doll. “If I could turn back ti-ome…” Classic.

  • Definitely the episode where the four go to Karen’s cabin and while playing Scrabble, Jack make’s up the word “spramp.”

    JACK: Every morning I… spramp my face with cold water.

    WILL: “Spramp” your face? What the hell is that?

    JACK: Yeah, spramp. Spramp! The bubbles from a jacuzzi spramp up. Note how the sea spramps off the jagged rocks.

  • Kellie

    Most of mine were taken already! But how could I leave off the first Cher appearance (not the dream sequence, although that’s a close runner up)…Jack becomes OBSESSED with his new Cher doll, even making Will and Grace wait for a table for 4 in the back so no one would gawk. Out of nowhere, the real Cher is next to Jack….who believes it’s an imposter (“Hey there, mister sister!”). They even have a “If I Could Turn Back Time”-off before Cher slaps Jack and tells him to snap out of it – and Jack promptly passes out when he realizes it was her.

    I love his show!!! 🙂 So hard to pick just one moment.

  • One of my favorite parts of Will & Grace is the episode with “The Old Fashioned Piano Party”…

    Grace & Larry were playing the piano….”Enough is enough is enough is enough is enough is…”

    Then Karen Walker screams…””THAT”S ENOUGH!


    The one where Grace takes Karen to the laundromat….
    Karen: “What is this place?”

    Grace: “It’s a laundromat.”

    Karen: “……”

    Grace: “It’s where you take your dirty clothes……to clean them? So you can wear them more than once?”

    Karen: “Why, poor people are so damn clever!”

  • Ace

    Oh man, too many to count. I loved the Cher episode with Jack’s Cher doll. Too funny.

    But I will throw in a classic exchange:

    Jack: For your information, most people who meet me do not know that I am gay.
    Will: Jack, blind and deaf people know you’re gay. Dead people know you’re gay.
    Jack: Grace, when you first met me, did you know I was gay?
    Grace: My dog knew.

  • Myyk

    favorite Will and Grace momeent : when jack feels will’s chest then graces and say this mean nothing cuz I am a gay man and will and grace does the same thing and every one is feeling each others chest how do they get away with that .?.also the episode when grace stays in bed cuz she broke up with wood harrisaon character o my gosh that prob. one of the best sitcome episode ever

  • Natania

    I love the part of the episode when Grace meets Leo’s parents when she yells at Leo for how he was eating at the buffet. I love the line when Grace says she scouted out where everything was the day before and told Leo to forget the stuff in the front, go to the expensive stuff to get her money’s worth. There are so many great moments in the series it was so hard to choose just one!

  • Alyssa

    My favorite is the Kevin Bacon episode when he claps and Footloose starts playing and he and Will break out into the dance. I watch that one every time it’s on! My friend has the actual Kevin Bacon standup cutout from that episode and it’s a prized possession.

    I also love when Karen introduces herself as Anastasia Beaverhousen.

  • Amy

    I have to go with the Kevin Bacon/Will Footloose dance moment in “Bacon and Eggs” (season 5, episode 2). That always kills me.

  • Maggie

    The episode with the dinner party where Mira Sorvino guest starred. Best, hands down.

  • shanna

    My fave Will & Grace moment: When Jack is all dressed up in a robe with a towel on his head and he says to Grace – “If the apartment is rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’ … and the apartment will always be rockin'” and then he tosses the towel and goes “OKAY!” I die every. single. time.

  • Arielle

    I love the Kevin Bacon episode, especially the parts that take place at his apartment. So hilarious. Another really funny moment is Will with his Italian jeans that are really women’s jeans.

  • becky

    My favorite will and grace moment has to be when matt damon is making our with grace and jack comes running in to get a picture and prove he’s straight but then takes the film out to show he put film in the camera- thus exposing it to light and ruining the pics. AMAZING.

  • The episode with Matt Damon? Jack says to Matt Damon while getting caught with Grace…”I caught you right handed upi sick straight bastard!”

    That part cracks me up.

  • Jenn Ritchie

    One of my favourites (it took a while to narrow it down) is when Matt Damon is trying to convince Jack he’s gay.

    Jack: Uh, excuse me. As Aretha said to Gloria, Celine, Shania, and Mariah during Divas Live, “Are you trippin’? No one interrupts the Queen of Soul, bitch. Ok?”

    Owen: Well, I believe she also said, “Hey, Cuba, Canada, cowgirl, Crazy, get out of my light and away from my snacks, bitch.