TV Ratings: Wednesday April 29, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX Lie to Me 7.88 2.4/8
NBC Presidential News Conference 6.88 1.6/5
ABC Presidential News Conference 6.12 1.6/5
CBS Presidential News Conference 6.01 1.6/5
CW America’s Next Top Model 4.0 1.8/6
9PM FOX American Idol Results 21.85 7.5/19
CBS Criminal Minds 13.27 3.3/8
ABC Lost 8.81 4.0/10
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 4.81 1.3/3
CW 90210 (R) 1.25 0.6/2
10PM CBS CSI: NY 12.47 3.2/9
NBC Law & Order 7.69 2.2/7
ABC The Unusuals 5.08 1.7/5
  • Nick

    HA! Love this intel: L.A. Times reports that the average age of American Idol viewers on the *performance* shows is…43!

    Teens are fast losing interest in the tired, old show…and the adults wind up scratching their heads, wondering who these “guest coaches” are, and what are these songs they’re singing…?

    Any way you slice it, this is good news for the other networks.


    With a rating of over 21 this “tired old show” will be on forever….does NIck know the average age of the girls screaming for Adam and Chris…spending money to download thier songs from I-tunes…over 47
    million votes…your preaching to the choir!…TV is about the almighty dollar
    my friend…we will be taking dirt naps and “Idol” will be broadcasting to
    Mars,before it’s cancelled…Best season ever!