Good News: According to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Jimmy Fallon’s LATE NIGHT is the greenest late night show on television. Bad News: We’re fairly confident Jimmy was aiming for funniest. D’oh! [Source]

Good News: Variety is reporting that NBC is this close to picking up CHUCK for a third season. Bad News: We have a feeling this report marks the first of what will be numerous articles citing ‘inside’ sources leading up to NBC’s official announcement on Monday. So CHUCK fans, brace yourself. [Source]

Good News: NUMB3RS, the surprise CBS procedural hit is celebrating 100 episodes this May. Bad News: To uncover the amount of NUMB3RS episodes this TV Addict has actually watched, subtract 100 from the number of episodes NUMB3RS is celebrating. [Source]

Good News: At a special event this week to celebrate the 100th episode of AMERICAN DAD, Seth MacFarlane revealed that plans are moving ahead for a FAMILY GUY movie, “It’s just a question of finding time.” Bad News: Just ask the creators of THE SIMPSONS how many years it took them to ‘find the time.’ [Source]

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  • Don Crossman

    English alert! In the “Good News, Bad News” section above, the following sentence appears: “We have a feeling this report marks the first of what will be numerous articles sighting ‘inside’ sources…”

    The correct word is “citing”.

  • Don,
    Hence the reason why I’m a TV Addict, not an English one. Thanks for the correction.

  • I’m one TV addict who’s seen, and enjoyed, 100 episodes of Numb3rs! It’s a rare thing to have a favorite show hit the 100 eps mark, so I’m more than pleased.

    Oh, but it’s hell typing out N-U-M-B-3-R-S . . .

  • amy g

    Love CHUCK ! I hope they do save it.

  • shanna

    I have not seen all 100 episodes of NUMB3RS but I have seen a lot and last night’s was amazing.

  • Irish Joe

    Deadline Hollywood is reporting that NBC have decided to renew both Chuck & Medium!

  • Ace

    E-Online is now reporting that we won’t find out about Chuck for another week or two :(. I was really hoping to start the week with some good news.

  • Irish Joe,
    Deadline Hollywood Daily’s sad link baiting is exactly the type of lame ‘reporting’ I was referring to!

    I’m far more inclined to agree with E!’s story as it comes directly from Zachary Levi himself.

  • Bert

    Jimmy Fallon was aiming for funny?!? After several attempts on my part to watch his show, I find that just sad. I was beginning to think that NBC had hoped that no one had noticed how really bad the show was.

  • OMG The last family Guy movie I saw was Stewie Griffon’s Untold Story. So hilarious, especially since it was all uncensored. 🙂