Seven plus hours of television, “Oh, what a night!” Or at least that’s what I would have been saying had real life not gotten in the way (D’OH!) Which is why I once again am leaving it to you, yes YOU, my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your (spoiler free) thoughts on last night’s installments of PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SOUTHLAND, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY & PRIVATE PRACTICE.

  • lganthoney

    Parks and Recreation is the unfunniest thing on tv right now. They should take it off the air asap. And 30 Rock and The Office continue to be the funniest 2 programs on the air.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ve been shocked at just how bad Parks and Rec is. Going in, I really expected to like it. The cast is good enough. I like Amy, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt. But the writing and plot are just nonexistent. The crazy thing is that it’ll for sure be renewed, while Chuck is up in the air. And P&R did lower in the demo last week!

    30 Rock is so f*(*))(&* funny. Last night’s Office was one of the best in a long time too. I thought the part with Meredith’s casual dress was hysterical. “Meredith your boob is hanging out.”

    Haven’t seen Grey’s yet. It’s waiting on the DVR. Problem is, everytime I think the show is getting good again, they bring back freaking Denny! I’m already dreading that episode.

  • I actually thought Parks&Rec was ok, or maybe it’s because I love Amy Poehler(Did I spell That right?). Only 2 eps left of Supernatural, the whole angels situation is kind of complex that it’s leaving me wondering if the finale will be worth it in two weeks. Smallville is dragging, although i love the show, i’m slowly losing interest. *sheds tear* 30 rock is the best, especially the part where Liz tries to replace the water bottle. lol

  • showtime

    I was actually shocked with Private Practice! I actually enjoyed it…A LOT! To the point I was yelling at the television, and that’s always a good sign! I can see why Amy Brenneman was so hush hush in the interview.

  • David

    The Office was hysterical. Smallville has been lacking lately but this episode i thought was done very well had some very good scenes. I sadly missed Southland(I have been loving this show so far) I have it waiting on dvr to watch. Parks and Rec I gave about 2 episodes and it was just boring. No other explanation it just isn’t funny.

  • still love Supernatural, my 13yr old daughter said “Mom Dean is on the Beach” I ran from the kitchen in hopes he had his shirt off or at least had a tank top on- but NO such luck, it was only a foggy lake & Dean had his jacket on. Any way last night’s angel episode was totally not following anything I’ve ever heard about angels but it gave a little more personality to Casstiton.

  • Kathryn

    Parks and Rec is sooooo disappointing. Not watching or DVR’ing anymore.

    Office was good as usual and I really enjoyed last night’s Grey’s.

  • christheprinter

    smallville is gettng good but let the man fly darn it

  • Mohammad

    I’m giving parks and rec a chance just because comedies always take a while to get into, also the first season of the office majorly sucked as well but now people seem to love it

  • AJ

    I thought grey’s was pretty good, but private practice completely BLEW ME AWAY!!! that was the BEST cliffhanger I’ve seen in years!!! I hope pete (or even sheldon) comes to check on her and is able to tackle the crazy girl!!! coop will feel SOOOOO guilty that that will provide storylines for MANY seasons to come!!!

  • Hooray for the return of Ugly Betty! I was getting kind of nervous that they wouldn’t bring it back and now I’m so excited that I get another season. I thought “Rabbit Test” was a great return episode, and it really sets up the future of the show well. I’m curious as to whether this sets up Christina’s exit for good, or perhaps some more future drama between Christina and Willi. I know the creator, Silvio, says it was planned for Ashley Jensen to leave this show, but I just don’t believe the baby is Willi’s so we’ll see how they resolve this.

    Either way, it was quite entertaining and im excited for next week. I also loved that they used the song “Before It Gets Better” by Earlimart during the ending montage…great song that fit the mood and really makes you empathize with Christina. See a video clip of this scene at :