Your TV Quotes of the Week: Special CHUCK Edition


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  • I laughed out loud when I heard that first one. So glad that they gave Bruce Boxleitner the funniest line of the season.

    I will be majorly upset if this show does not return for a third season.

  • Todd W in NC,

    Spoken like a true BABYLON 5 fan.

    And as for a third season of CHUCK, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will definitely be back for at least 13 episodes next season. NBC isn’t about to cancel one of its only shows (outside of THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK) that has an actual passionate and vocal fanbase.

  • Caryn

    I was going to submit that first one for the regular quotes this week! Bruce Boxleiter saying that CRACKED me up! Also the “CHUCK ME” one with Casey’s dry humor made me giggle

  • Alison

    I’m so glad you made a Chuck edition and I was hoping you would! Seriously they better bring back Chuck for a third season I will be soo upset if they don’t! I lovedd Casey’s “Chuck me” line!

  • Common Sense

    Hmm. Guess ya had to be there.

    I preferred Oscar’s “Your boob’s out” comment to Meredith.

    BTW: Surely that’s not Bruce Boxleitner in that first pic, unless he underwent some seriously good plastic surgery.

  • Common Sense,
    It is indeed not Bruce Boxleitner, but only because I couldn’t find a decent photo of him from the episode, my bad.

  • Ace

    I had a feeling when I saw the quotes everyone was submitting, that it would be an all Chuck week :). Well deserved. Chuck withdrawl starts tonight :(. Hopefully we’ll have some good news in the next few days. This episode was so awesome.

  • dave

    This is the best show on television, and probably the best show to come around in a long time. It would be a serious mistake for NBC to cancel this show.

  • Mitch Shunk

    Great show! Love the dialogue! It must be renewed!