Download Your Guide to May’s 2009 Season Finales

Look, here’s the thing. While we’re not about to help you with your AMERICAN IDOL office pool, reveal whether Izzie Stevens will live or die on GREY’S ANATOMY, fill you in on what William Bell is doing on FRINGE or spoil what LOST has in store for it’s annual season finale game-changer, we do know one very important thing: You too can ensure you don’t miss a moment of your favorite show’s summer sign-off with’s printable May 2009 calendar.

To download, simply click on either of the following links: High Quality PDF or JPG and enjoy.

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  • Michael

    What is ABC doing with the episode of Scrubs that was missed last week due to Obama?

  • DutchGuy

    Thanx, this is really great 🙂

    I look forward to Glee!

  • bws

    Michael, I believe last week’s Scrubs will air tomorrow at 7pm Central. The finale will be the next night in its regular time slot.

  • Ace

    Yep, ABC is airing the Scrubs and Better Off Ted episodes that got bummed tomorrow night at 8. Which is exciting to me b/c now I actually have something to watch. (Sorry, Reaper, I think it’s time to break up.)

  • Just Jody

    Thanks! Would have missed Better Off Ted tomorrow if I hadn’t seen this!

  • Ace

    Just Jody — They are doing a really bad job of advertising that it is on then.

  • Michael

    Glad I asked, I would’ve missed it tomorrow night! Thanks!

  • K Usher

    Thanks for the important info. Very useful!!

  • WOOT! Finally, a definite date for “Pushing Daisies.” I’m so excited.

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