C.T.’s Confession: I’m A Moron!

Okay, I’m not a complete and total moron. But I have to admit that in the case of the article posted earlier this morning — regarding Jeff Probst perhaps influencing the outcome of SURVIVOR’s finale — I had a complete and total brain fart.

As several regular TV Addict reader’s were quick to point out, the votes are cast at the final Tribal Council, long before the live telecast at which the winner is announced. As a long-time SURVIVOR fan, I don’t know how the heck I could have forgotten that… but I did.

That’s why we have the best, smartest readers around: They keep us honest!

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  • Quinn

    Unless they’re changing the way that they’ve done the previous 17 seasons, the votes are cast during the final tribal council which takes place when they filmed the series in Brazil. The votes just aren’t revealed to the final two (or maybe 3?) until the live finale episode.

    Therefore, there’s no way that Jeff’s comments on his blog during the airing of the episodes could affect the outcome. It’s already been decided.

  • Linda B.

    I concur. I was just going to say the same thing.

  • And I am here to add the same thing. The votes have already been cast. At the end of the last episode Jeff will walk out of tribal with the votes in tow and say, “See you in LA.”

  • Colin S

    Exactly what I was thinking. Any response?

  • Dhamon22

    I’ll pile on here and agree that the votes are cast on location at the end, only to be revealed at the finale. So this would be a non-issue.

  • ct

    Man oh man, are you guys right. I don’t know WHAT the heck I was smoking when I penned this piece!

  • R.J. Johnson

    You also probably don’t realize that the order of the votes at tribal council is manipulated to stretch it out as long as possible. It’s an editing gimmick. Probst adds a voice over later so he can pull the ballots out in any order the editors choose. Notice how often the vote is “tied.” Or am I wrong here. 🙂