Meet Amber Riley: Proof Positive that an AMERICAN IDOL Rejection is Not the End of the World as You Know It!


Chin up Allison. American voting you off IDOL isn’t the end, rather the beginning of what will no doubt, amount to a remarkable journey.

Don’t believe us, just ask Amber Riley; Who parlayed her very own rejection from IDOL into a starring role in FOX’s highly anticipated new musical/comedy hybrid GLEE.

“My life was crushed when they told me ‘No,'” recounted Riley to the TV Addict on his recent visit to the set of GLEE. “But I was 17, it was a long time ago and rejection like that only makes you stronger, gets you asking — how can I better myself?”

And better herself she has. With the actress/singer mere weeks away from a life-altering moment of her very own, as FOX gets ready to unveil GLEE to a captive audience of millions — who if everything goes according to plan — just finished watching the penultimate episode of AMERICAN IDOL. You know, that little show that Riley apparently wasn’t good enough to take part in.

Not surprisingly, Riley does not hold a grudge.

“TiVo! TiVo! AMERICAN IDOL is always on TiVo,” revealed Riley, who was only to happy to share her IDOL frontrunner. “I love Danny Gokey, everyone loves Danny, we’re [the cast] always calling each-other to say, ‘Danny did so good tonight!'”

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