Our Take on SCRUBS “My Finale”

scrubs series finale

“Endings are never easy. I always build them up so much in my head they can’t possibly live up to my expectations and I just end up disappointed. I’m not even sure why it matters to me so much how things end here.” said JD with regards to ‘endings’ on what amounted to what might be his final walk through the hallowed halls of Sacred Heart.

Unfortunately for JD and creator Bill Lawrence, (who in writing last night’s two-hour finale made his feelings on ‘endings’ abundantly clear, with Elliot also chiming in, “Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to the expectations you have in your head.”) endings are in fact a big deal and last night’s SCRUBS swan song was no exception. Particularly to this TV Addict and the four to six million loyal fans who dedicated eight years to never missing an episode.

Which is why we’re happy to report that “My Finale” delivered the goods by meeting theTVaddict.com’s patented criteria (patent pending) for a successful series finale. Criteria which include:

(a) The Bookend: Not only did SCRUBS start off the episode with a memorable look back at a very young JD’s first day at Sacred Heart. Lawrence, with the help of that pesky penny did a fantastic callback to what became one of the show’s most memorable dynamics: JD versus the Janitor (also known as Dr. Jan Itor, Glenn Matthew and/or Tony)

(b) The Spotlight: While SCRUBS may have begun as a story about John Dorian, it ended as THE SIMPSONS live-action equivalent, with Sacred Heart’s dizzying array of supporting players often out-shining the star himself. Which is why we were so pleased to see Lawrence give virtually every character a moment in the spotlight. From the beautiful and very TITANITC-esque final hallway shot which included memorable returns of some of our favorite girlfriends (Amy Smart!), boyfriends (Keith!) and patients past (Kathryn Joosten!) to quieter moments like Carla calling JD “Bambi” for quite possibly the last time, we’re not ashamed to admit that Lawrence had us reaching for the kleenex on more than one occasion. Particularly when Dr. Cox finally paid off eight years of memorable dressing downs (which JD so beautifully bound in a giant book, which by the way, we’d love to buy on amazon!) in an emotional pay off worthy of a series finale (“He was the best that ever came out of this dump”)

(c) The Happily Ever After: And while we’re the first to admit that JD’s imagination may have got the best of him, surely we’re not the only one who truly believe that the future will play out exactly as it did in the movie screen in his mind. Right?

That said, the question on every fan’s mind the morning after most likely involves five simple words: Is this really the end? And while some, like TV Guide Magazine’s critic extraordinaire Matt Roush is more than ready to see the show go, stating in this morning’s dispatch, “I’m begging ABC and the show’s creator, Bill Lawrence (last seen, before the final blooper reel, in a cameo as another Sacred Heart janitor, tearing down the “Goodbye J.D.” sign and stuffing it in the trash), to let this one go while we still have something to remember fondly.” This TV Addict isn’t so sure.

After-all, at its best, SCRUBS delivered the ideal balance of comedy and drama, and if we’re being honest here, Is quite possibly responsible for a good 50% of our iTunes purchases, pioneering the music montage that shows like THE OC and GREY’S ANATOMY are now renowned for. While at it’s worst, well, SCRUBS is still a heck of a lot better than the majority of comedies that make it to air (see: SURVIVING SUBURBIA) and would certainly have a welcome home on our PVR/DVR should Bill Lawrence decide to continue next season. Agreed?

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  • Ace

    I love Scrubs. I have been spent a lot of time getting others to watch it so that we could get those 8 seasons. But I think it is time to let it go. Last season was kind of a let down. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely was not on par with the greatness of Scrubs past. This season, on the other hand, was wonderful. Every episode was funny and well written. And once you’ve done such a perfect goodbye, I think it is fitting to leave it at that (Sex and the City could learn a thing or two from that advice). I’ll miss the Sacred Heart crew, but it really seems like everyone is moving on both on screen and off. If they want to try to do a spinoff with a new cast, I would definitely give it a chance. But otherwise, I’m more content with that ending than most show’s endings (the disaster that was Seinfeld…*shudder*).

    I too have downloaded a lot due to Scrubs background music and I’m sure a lot of that is thanks to Zach Braff. I’m still upset that iTunes and Amazon are trying to make me download the “Shall We Dance” soundtrack to get Peter Gabriel’s “Book of Love” from the end of the show! grrrr

    And my post is only slightly shorter than your’s :-P.

  • Ace,
    Thanks for your take, is it wrong that I really enjoyed the SEINFELD finale?

  • Muhlyssa

    To be honest, I lost interest in the show over the last few years but did watch this last one which I thought was very well done. I’d be fine to see it go, American audiences need to learn that shows don’t need to go on until they are beaten into the ground to make an impact or to be considered classics.

    Ace, very cheesed about the lack of ability to DL just the Gabriel song. Refuse to buy the whole soundtrack of a bad movie

  • Ace

    TVA — Yes! J/k :-P. I was so angry when that show went black. I loved that show so much and then them all going to jail was so just stupid.

    Muhlyssa — I feel the same. No way am I paying for the soundtrack to a JLo movie.

  • bws

    Loved the finale last night… and it definitely got dusty in the room in the last ten minutes.

    Scrubs always struck the perfect balance with me. Some people couldn’t get past the goofy daydream stuff but at it’s very core, it’s a really good show. I’ve had more feelings for the crew at sacred heart than I ever did for any other medical show. And maybe that’s because it is goofy at times. It makes the emotional stuff even more poignant.

    I think if Scrubs does return, it may be with an entirely different cast, like Saved by the Bell: The New Class. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing but it would still have to stand on it’s own.

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved the finale. It was a great heartfelt episode while still having its funny moments. I’m so glad the show was able to go back to that sort of show in this season. It really did feel more similar to Season 1 than to the past couple years.

    If anything, the finale convinced me that ABC needs to let the show go. Yeah the supporting cast was fantastic, but can you really do the show without JD? This was the perfect way to end the series, for all of the characters, and I’d hate to see it brought back as a hallow shell of the old show next year.

  • Naf

    I love the last episode. Probably one of my favorite series finales ever, but I gota disagree with your statement that “While at it’s worst, well, SCRUBS is still a heck of a lot better than the majority of comedies that make it to air”. Ok, maybe it was better then a lot of the shit that manages to get on TV, but some of the last season was pretty terrible. I was ready to write Scrubs off until the amazing return to form we saw this year. Scrubs should have moved onto ABC years ago. This season was funny, touching, dramatic, perfect. I’m sad to see it go.

    And I would definitely give the show a shot if they chose to continue it with the interns, but I’m not sure how’d they’d pull off a set set in sacred heart, with a lot of the cast already signing onto other projects. But the interns were a great addition to the show.

  • I really loved this episode. It was everything. I spent half my time laughing so hard and the other half screaming “WHY IS SCRUBS TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY?!!!”

    I don’t know why but I didn’t know it was the finale already so I caught Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s back to back. I’m so glad the show returned for one last season on ABC but I think the network started out strong with promos then fell off. I wish there had been more network fanfare but you know what? At the end of the day, the show didn’t need it.

    The entire J.D. fantasy at the end was perfect. And Izzie and Sam getting married and J.D. fainting I actually didn’t even cry during it cause it was so funny. I finally cried when J.D. drove away.

    And Cox finally having to say something nice! And the book! (Please put that out, Bill! I’d buy it in hardcover even. Especially the last rant) And Carla and J.D. saying goodbye: “Say my husband loves me more than you” “It’s about even” So true!

    This finale was perfection.

  • I thought it was perfect. If anybody missed it, you can catch it on Fancast.

  • Samantha

    The last episode was perfect. I’m glad that [scrubs] finally got their last episode. Last year was going to be the series finale on NBC but do to the writter’s sritke they never got their “perfect ending”, now they did, they left with hope that even though would might never see John Doren(sp) again, its nice to know where he’ll end up.
    Thats what was perfect about [scrubs], not only did they make you laugh they also made your emotions really come out. Whether your ticked that his baby’s mama faked a mis-carry and hurt JD or a sick persons story makes you tear up a little. Even the music was perfect for [scrubs], you didn’t hear things they sing on American Idol or the “teenie bopper” stuff, it was real music that means something, music that you really listen to words that go with every scene.
    I think had the episode been any different, it wouldn’t have been the [scrubs] we all know and love.
    I knew that I always loved the show, however looking back just writting this blog, I am truely going to miss this one of a kind show.

  • ChOBaN

    I just saw the finale and I must admit I’m really sad.
    I mean, we all grow up with this show and what a show it is/was.

  • Spanky

    I honestly think that after the hap-hazardly made 7th season, the 8th season brought a lot to the table. Ive seen this show from season 1 episode 1 and have loved the mix of comedy, tragedy, and meanings that apply to the real life. Not many shows contain these characteristics now-a-days, and not many can carry it for 8 seasons. After seeing the finale episode, everything was left open ended.. JD is going to another hospital to be near his son but a lot could happen with this. JD and Elliot still have to get married, Dr. Cox can still come to be the nice guy JD always wanted, and JD’s life can continue on. However the show did set up for a complete series finale too. JD is moving away from sacred heart, something that Kim did and has thus taken her off the show other than being Sam’s mother, and has seen what they could be saying is what the future holds for JD. They even went so far as to have a Titanic style ending walking down the final hallway in sacred heart and seeing everyone he’s met and known. And, not to be forgotten, The Janitor’s name was finally revealed after 8 seasons to be Glenn Matthews. So do I want it to end? Absolutely not. Being a diehard fan of the show, I never would wanna see the end of the series but it is inevitable. It would be nice to see this success of Scrubs go on but I don’t see that happening (as much as it kills me to say that. So whether it be farewell to see again or farewell for good, Scrubs was an amazing show for everyone and will be greatly missed if and/or when it ends.