Got a Question for LOST’s Michael Emerson?


Ever wonder what it would be like to go mano-a-mano with one Benjamin Linus? Sit him down, look deep into those buggy eyes and ask, “Seriously dude, what’s the deal?” Well, now is kind of your chance, as your very own TV Addict, in very Dharma-like fashion has been given the fantastic opportunity to grill actor Michael Emerson for precisely five minutes this afternoon, starting at precisely 3:46PM (est).

And to ensure I’m armed with the three best possible questions (as I suspect that is all I will have the opportunity to get in), this TV Addict thought it best to ask you, my far more knowledgeable LOST addicts to post away with your most pressing questions as we head into what promises to be Wednesday’s exhilarating game-changer of a finale.

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  • EKI

    Question1: Matthew Fox has been reported to be the only cast member to know about the series finale. Not T.O’Quinn, not you, but he who plays Jack. While lately his character has been reconnecting with the Island, and seems to be the key to something, Ben and Locke also feel like characters who should be a vital part of the resolution. How comes the creators haven’t shared this information with you?

    Question2: How do you look forward to working with John Terry (Christian Shephard) in future episodes?

  • ct

    Are fans able to separate Ben from Michael? Do uberfans expect you to be as well-versed in the show’s complicated mythology as they are?

  • Ace

    Is the cast at all afraid that the eventual end of the show will be a letdown for the legions of fans? How would he like to see the show wrap up?

    I know like Matthew Fox’s character, Ben was supposed to be a short-lived characters and instead something made the writers decide to make the character pivital to the show. What does he think it was about the character Ben that made the writers decide to make him so important?

  • Chelsie

    What do you do differently (if anything) to prepare for scenes where Ben is either lying, telling the truth, or where you know nothing about it?

  • bws

    How rigorous or difficult is your shooting schedule and have you had any particularly challenging scenes to film because of location or timeframe?

  • Jen

    Up until the last few episodes Ben has always seemed to be in complete control. Now he seems to floundering a bit (or is he?!) Is it more fun playing “in control Ben?” (i.e. having great one liners, screwing with the other characters, etc) or are you enjoying the new situations Ben is finding himself in?

  • Kimmy

    What was the date when the plane crashed? Was it 9-22-04?