Since everybody seems to be itching to discuss last night’s slew of must see TV, this TV Addict thought he’d once again ask you to do your best Ken Tucker impersonation by being the critic and posting your spoiler-free (since I have yet to watch anything outside of what might have been the least funny episode of THE OFFICE ever) thoughts on last night’s installments of PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SOUTHLAND, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, UGLY BETTY, and GREY’S ANATOMY.

  • Josh C.

    last nights episode of grey’s anatomy could quite have been one of my top 5 favorite episode of the entire series. Yeah, you saw Izzie getting married instead of merder a million miles away. But, sometimes its not about where you’re going but how you get there. And the journey Shondra Rhimes took last night was beautiful!

  • Nick

    Okay, what the heck did that floating ball of light say to Tess at the end on Smallville? Everyone I’ve asked says the same thing: “I couldn’t understand him, either. The music was too loud.”

  • Nick: I’m really stuck there too 🙁

    Anywho, last night’s Park&Rec was hilarious because they thought Amy Poehler’s character was a lesbian. lol. I don’t know their names on the show yet, or in sad news i might not even get a chance to lol. I thought 30 Rock was average or maybe because I was distracted trying to watch it. On Supernatural, Dean was being a b**ch towards Sam…like all the time. I guess Sam will kill Lillith, but maybe….just maybe…Sam will be next season’s antagonist. Don’t ya think? Smallville is kind of being a drag, it’s losing my interest…i want Davis dead so fast so we can all get it over with and find out how the finale will leave us hanging next week.

  • Ylo

    I really enjoy watching Southland. The show is raw and real. I love the story lines. I also enjoy how each character has his/her own struggles. Great show.

  • Louis M.

    Parks and Rec should be taken off the air asap. Does anyone find this show funny? The Office and 30 Rock are the 2 funniest shows on NBC.

  • Tasha

    Supernatural…Woah !

  • I have to start with Smallville- yes Davis needs to go but did you see Oliver’s almost completely NACKED body- that is worth 100 dumb episodes he is SH&T (Super Hot & Tasty)!! Supernatural was good as usual- but I kinda miss the cool music they had in the earlier episodes, you know the 70s stuff Dean always had on the radio.

  • sanen85

    I actually thought that since the original request for comments specifically stated NO SPOILERS that I may be able to read comments without finding out who got married on Grey’s. While Izzie getting married could be seen from a mile away, there were some of us still holding out hope that Shonda would actually come up with a surprise. So thanks for letting that cat out.

    Anyhoo, I am really enjoying Recs & Parks and have a feeling it will only get better with time. Last night’s office bored me, but not all of them can be a laugh a minute I guess.

  • bws

    I feel that last night’s office ep was perhaps written in 15 minutes. Less time than the episode actually took to air. Granted, it was still funny watching them dance. But wow, nothing happened.

    My wife loved GA and called it one of her faves ever too. So there’s that. I was watching the last Reaper episode instead. 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved Grey’s. I’m glad they didn’t use Denny all that much, and where they did use him it worked out alright. The wedding was great and very moving.

    30 Rock and The Office weren’t anything spectacular but they still had their moments. I loved when they were talking about how old Tracy is, and were saying he could be really old since his favorite show is NCIS. lol

  • Sheindie

    re: the glowing orb at the end of Smallville:
    I think it was: “I am Kandor”

  • Alison

    greys anatomy was AMAZINGGG!!! It was definitely one of my top favorite episodes of the series! I’m still teary eyed just think about it haha

  • Sheindie Says:

    May 8th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    re: the glowing orb at the end of Smallville:
    I think it was: “I am Kandor”
    I think it says “you are Kandor’s saviour” or something like that, I think Tess is imbued with some power to take down Davis, and maybe Clark :O

  • What happen to the show “Kings”? And is “Chuck” really not coming back?

  • Another week, another great Ugly Betty episode…so glad it’s back.

    I knew it couldn’t be Willie’s baby, and I’m glad they at least got that part right instead of trying to get for a really shocking twist. However, I really wish they would’ve found a way to keep Christina on the show…I thought she was a great character. I’m interested in seeing how they fill that void – I think Betty needs some sort of similar confidant…we’ll see.

    The scene at the end was so beautiful, I’m really glad they used the song “Layers” by Asobi Seksu – this is the second week in a row where I thought they used a perfect song at the end to convey the emotion of the scene. A video clip of the scene/song is at

  • Wallace

    The voice told Tess she could be the savior of Kandor….my Superman mythology is rusty but I believe Kandor is a Kryptonian city that Superman had to shrink to bottle size to save it…don’t remember the details but he kept Kandor in a bottle in the Fortress of Solitude until he could find a way to restore it…Hope that info helps cause it took a lot of dateless and partyless lonely nights to learn that info…lol!

  • Dottie S

    as an advid fan of Lost . I’ m starting to get “Lost” , I know the end is copming soon. but slooow down little buddy. As for Greys Anatomy, I loved it then it lost my interest, I

  • Mimi

    Grey’s was amazing. Just amazing. The storyline with the college kids was heartbreaking, but so poignant. The relationships between, mer and derrick, christine and mcarmy and izzie and alex were beautiful. This show had me thinking that it lost it’s touch for awhile there, but i am all the way with them right now. I felt like I didn’t want the episode to end and when it did, I felt like I experienced something very special.

  • Irish Joe

    Lyn, KINGS was moved to Saturday nights, but after just 1 week it was pulled again, and it now set to air it’s remaining episodes over the summer, starting on 13 June

    And regarding CHUCK, it has not been announced officially if it is gone or if it will be back.. so anything is possible…

  • Amy

    I cried a ridiculous amount while watching Grey’s.
    Loved it!

  • annsensei

    GREAT shows this week!!!

    GA was a wonderful episode!!! I loved how alex had the college student give her speech, then used part of it in his vows. it was so touching to see the irritating doc that used to tease izzie (for having modeled to pay for school) reaching out to her with such love and respect.

    lost is AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE having so so many things answered every week. I miss the pop-up reruns that they did at the beginning of the season. they should have the whole season rerun in pop-ups in the fall then start the new season in the winter. I’m SURE the pop ups could hold their own against any show out there!!!

    I’m glad that betty’s friend, christina, got her baby back!!! but I’m going to miss that character!!! at least she got a happy ending.

    to sanen85: I think the “no spoilers” was meant to refer to the episodes that haven’t already aired. since grey’s was thursday and the article was friday, I think that means izzie being the bride doesn’t count as a spoiler anymore.