While I’m not ready to see PRISON BREAK come to an end this Friday, I am ready to find out what goes down. Please tell me that my favorite band of [prison] breakers do not end up right back where they started (read: prison) — LincLover
The TV Addict:
If I were to tell you that your favorite band of [prison] breakers don’t end up right back where they started…. well, I’d be lying. Because the fact of the matter is, at least one of your favorite Fox River inmates does in fact return from whence he came. But before you start to put your very own Michael Scofield strategy in motion in an effort to break he-or-they-who-shall-not-be-named out of prison (again!), you should probably take solace in the fact that things could end up a lot worse. After-all, Friday’s finale does offer up its fair share of shocking deaths, which we’re fairly certain is a far worse fate than five-to-ten in Fox River, right?

So excited to meet young Lily Rhodes on tonight’s GOSSIP GIRL flashback, any scoop on the episode? — Stuckinthe80s
The TV Addict:
First, the bad news. With half the episode dedicated to GOSSIP GIRL’s modern day prom (more on that later), we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time in the 80’s as this TV Addict would have liked. That said, the good news is that fans of VERONICA MARS will be right at home in Lily’s world; With the episode not only opening with a nice, albeit possibly very unintentional shout-out to Neptune, but very exciting performances courtesy of MARS alum Krysten Ritter (playing Lily’s sister Carol Rhodes) and Ryan Hansen (playing the object of Ritter’s affection). With the even better news being that Lily’s story is most definitely compelling enough to have us asking, “What happens next?” and as an added bonus, the supportive sister vibe between Brittany Snow’s Lily and Krysten Ritter’s Carol may just be the ideal PRIVILEGED replacement should Sage and Rose not see a second season.

Any news on where Max and Casey are headed on GREEK? I’m worried! — TeamCappie
The TV Addict:
You should be, because on tonight’s episode Max is made an offer he can’t refuse, putting the opposite attraction that is Max and Casey on hold for at least a month.

So disappointed DOLLHOUSE is over. Please tell me we haven’t seen the last of Alpha? — DollFan
The TV Addict:
While I certainly wouldn’t rule out the return of Alpha, who thanks to a tour-de-force performance by Alan Tudyk may single-handidly be responsible for DOLLHOUSE getting a second shot on FOX next season. Tudyk isn’t sharing much, only going as far as to tease on a recent conference call with the TV Addict that, “Oh, the one, the bonus episode.  You’ll never know until you buy the DVD on July 28.” Adding, “I don’t want to comment on my state beyond this episode [which just aired], or Alpha’s state, my fate beyond the episode totally alive, living a healthy life in Venice, California.  But Alpha’s fate, it’s uncertain.”

The TV Addict:
Chuck fans will scream “Mother Chucker!” when they see what Chuck has in store for Blair during tonight’s prom. No joke. It’s quite possibly the most memorable OMG-worthy moment of the series thus far.


Don’t get me wrong, I love me my Sarah Chalke on SCRUBS, but for some reason cannot stand the idea of her being the mother on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Please give me some intel refuting last week’s shocking final scene. — BarneysBoy
The TV Addict:
Is photographic evidence enough? If so, we think you’ll enjoy this photo of Stella (Sarah Chalke) and Tony (Jason Jones) from tonight’s installment of MOTHER, which should put an end to any and all speculation. In related news, if you’re wondering which character is finally making his (or her! or its!) long-awaited return on next week’s HIMYM season finale, simply click here to check out this TV Addict’s twitter feed where we already rewarded our followers with our first-ever Twitter Exclusive!

I cannot stop watching the “Don’t Stop Believing” trailer for GLEE. Is FOX going to be making the songs available for download anytime soon? — GleeClubMember21
The TV Addict:
According to Ryan Murphy, who we had the opportunity to chat with last week, all the songs on the show will available immediately following the episode on iTunes. So if all goes according to plan, you should have “Don’t Stop Believing” at your disposal to play over, and over, and over again on May 19 after FOX unveils GLEE following the penultimate episode of AMERICAN IDOL.

Any scoop on what fans can expect from Tuesday’s FRINGE finale? — GeneralPattern
The TV Addict:
Awesomeness! Or at least that’s what we took away from a recent conference call with JJ Abrams who had this to say when asked what is in store for fans come Tuesday at 9PM on FOX, “A really interesting shift in the fundamental paradigm of the show in a very cool way. What’s particularly cool about where we’re finally going now is the story is working on all the character’s strengths, over the course of the season you find what’s most exciting about a character. You’ll get a little piece of Peter’s ultimate story [in the finale], but it’s also a huge turning point for the other two characters as well.”

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  • Nick

    If it’s a choice between Privileged and Lily, I’ve gotta go with the more-established series. I’d still like to see the Lily spinoff as a mid-season replacement or bridge during hiatus, but there’s just too much negative talk among actual GG fans who don’t seem to want this spinoff. Tying up one of the 10 prime-time hours with Lily, when we’re already suffering thru GG, OTH and 90210, might just border on TV torture.

  • I’m afraid I had the opposite reaction to Friday’s Dollhouse. I thought it was a weak episode. The first flashback scene was not so obvious as a flashback, so I was actually a little confused there for a few minutes. I liked Alan Tudyk in A Knight’s Tale and Firely/Serenity, but I couldn’t get onboard with him being the bad guy Alpha.

    Without spoiling it for those who may still not know, let’s just say the big surprise about one character’s past in the Dollhouse was not a huge surprise to me. I had already started considering that possibility several episodes ago.

    From what I’ve read online, I’m not the only one to dislike the season finale, and many believe it to be the final nail in Dollhouse’s coffin (if not Joss Whedon’s career in TV). I’ve read it also got unusually bad ratings. I doubt seriously it will return in the fall, and considering it only had 2 or 3 barely above average episodes, I won’t be too upset if it didn’t.

  • Todd – Most of what I’ve read has been positive feedback on the DH season finale and hopes that it (and Alpha) will return. I’ve loved it so far and I’m excited for more.

    I also hoe Privileged comes back. I miss it. And how about cutting some of these other shows (Melrose reboot?) I just think there’s enough teen drama fare already on the CW.

  • Umm, did you know that Gossip Girl airs Sunday nights on Access Tv? I saw the whole prom and 80’s flashback thing. Lily gets in a fight..a cheap one…and the episode sucked…but! You’ll feel like you’ll love Chuck even more for what he does at the end…And no Georgina Sparks in this episode! What happened? I though she specifically said, “Oh and tell Jesus, that the b**ch is back”….she’s not even back, I was so looking forward to seeing her. 🙁

  • Ace

    I would much rather see Privileged come back than Lily. I do not dig the 80s and give a big ‘ol pass on the spinoff. Also, GG itself has been slipping a lot lately. I think they should concentrate their efforts on keeping it afloat. Besides, Privileged is actually good.