Tonight’s TV Addictions: May 11, 2009

Leave it to Leonard and Penny to come to terms about their feelings for each other just in time for Leonard to leave for a three-month long science trip.

Get ready for GOSSIP GIRL’s version of THAT 80’s show when Serena’s predicament causes Lily to flashback to her younger days.

GREEK (8PM ABC Family)
The campus is abuzz about a new visiting professor played by Helen Slater. Well, duh, she’s SuperGIrl!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8:30PM CBS, E! in Canada)
Barney thinks he can talk his way out of a speeding ticket, This we gotta see as you would not believe how often the boys in blue don’t consider rushing home to catch an episode of LOST as a valid excuse for going a wee bit over the speeding limit. Seriously, what is up with that!?

Castle discovers some extremely unsettling information about Beckett’s past. Turns out, she prefers Grisham!

MEDIUM (8PM CBS, CTV in Canada)
Allison is seeing stars of the special guest star variety when ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s Jeffrey Tambor and DAMAGES Anastasia Griffith drop by.

  • Common Sense

    Thank you for not listing the One Tree Hill dreaded wedding day of L & P, the two “holdouts” for next season. I truly believe they’ve surpassed Mouth and Millie as Tree Hill’s most wretchedly-boring couple. And now they’re adding “baby” next week—oh freakin’ joy.

    While it’s tempting to blame CMM for the on-screen boredom, I have to put Mark Schwahn and his writing team on the fire instead. A season that started so soapy and fun and watercoolerish….has degenerated into nothing more than watching boys and girls walk thru scenes talking. Way to “reinvent” yourself, Mark. Let’s hope for a whole new philosophy in 2009….you know, escapist, shocking drama. Pretend you’re writing for “Passions” for once.

  • Moo

    So… Is the House season finale not-imporant enough that it doesn’t even get a ‘New and Notable.” anymore?

  • Lol. So true. LP bore me to death and it’s not really them. Part of it is Mark’s obsession with the couple. It’s like watching LP fanfic become episodes.

  • Nick

    That is correct, Moo.

  • Sorry HOUSE fans, sometimes I put HOUSE in the back of my mind as it’s very much a catch-up-with-in-the-summer show!