Video: Uncover FRINGE Secrets


“Is the incident contained?”
“Yes Dr. Bell.”
“How bad?”

To those who say that procrastinating online all day never amounts to anything, may we humbly presents the following: Our “How-to-Guide” in order to access a super-secret promo for what promises to be tomorrow night’s game-changer of a FRINGE season finale.

Step 1: Head on over to

Step 2: Scroll down to “Bios” on the bottom right of the page and roll over the the pulsating yellow dot. Following the video, click on the yellow circle to open a new window. Investigate…

Step 3: Return to the FRINGE homepage and click on “Watch Full Episodes & Videos” to enjoy a sneak peak at what JJ Abrams promises to be “a really interesting shift in the fundamental paradigm of the show in a very cool way.”

And don’t miss the FRINGE season finale Tuesday May 12 at 9PM on FOX (CTV in Canada)

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