Tonight’s TV Addictions: May 12, 2009

The top 3 finalists sing two songs each. Translation: It would probably behoove FRINGE fans to set their PVR/DVR for a few extra minutes in order to accommodate the inevitable AMERICAN IDOL overrun.

FRINGE (9PM FOX, CTV in Canada)
After JJ Abrams single-handidly revitalized the STAR TREK franchise with a 72.5 million dollar record-breaking opening weekend, Leonard Nimoy returns the favor by beaming down to FRINGE to play the mysterious and thus far unforeseen founder of Massive Dynamics Dr. William Bell.

90210 (9PM CW, Global in Canada)
Annie Mills Graduate! Annie Mills Gradu… err… sorry, we’re just practicing our chant since tonight marks our first West Beverly High prom in quite some time.

In the season finale, a biggest loser becomes a really big winner when they’re crowned champion and awarded a really big cheque.

What’s the secret to ensuring your show makes’s nightly TV Addictions? Well, aside from quality writing and acting, naming your episode after one of the all-time greatest theatrical productions ever certainly helps. As evidence by tonight’s installment of THE MENTALIST entitled “Blood Brothers” which has Patrick and his team investigating the death of a student in a wilderness program for troubled kids. Tell me it’s not true…

  • Adam R

    WOW! Fringe was AMAZING!

    That last shot of the episode was so breathtaking. Season 2 can’t come soon enough ;D

  • Adam R,

    Can’t wait until this weekend when I can catch up with the last five episodes that are safely tucked away on my PVR/DVR

  • Hil

    Between Fringe, Lost, and Star Trek this has been a big week for Abrams. 😀

  • Linda B.

    I’m right there w/ you TVa. I’m 3 episodes behind on Fringe – as well as 3 episodes behind on 24 and 10 episodes behind on Castle.

  • Adam R

    You guys have some great episodes ahead of you then!

  • Adam R

    BTW theTVaddict I would love to hear your views on Fringe once you finish your mini marathon.

  • Was that the Twin Towers? At the ending of Fringe? Sorry to spoil it for the ones who didn’t watch it yet, I’m just so anxious to know. 🙁

  • Aww prom season is in the air on 90210 and all around! Gotta love Silver…She always has such a good way of ‘stirring the pot’ and her style is the best! I also love how even when she’s feeling vulnerable, she can look like she’s in control – for example, even though she really hates the prom and doesn’t want to get out of the limo, when she finally does, she handles the situation with her Erin Silver swagger and her non-acceptance speech was awesome!

    I also love the song that played as they were entering the prom. It’s “Houses” by Great Northern, and it really has such a cool, confident sounding beat that fits Silver and the scene to a T! There’s a video clip of this scene at :