Leyton TREE HILL Exit: Who Cares?

By C.T.

Let me say right off the bat that I’m a Brucas fan from way back, and find Leyton the most snore-inducing TV pair since DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Mike and Susan. For those uninitiated in the language of fangirls (and boys), Brucas (Brooke & Lucas) and Leyton (Lucas and Peyton) are two of ONE TREE HILL’s founding couples. Come fall, the guy both girls loved will reportedly be exiting the canvas… with Peyton in tow.

And I say “good riddance.”

No, this isn’t just sour grapes from someone who always felt that Brucas had a fiery passion that the bland and boring Leyton (who seemed to suffer from a never-ending case of whine flu) could never achieve. Or maybe it is… but I’m gonna pretend to be taking a high road and instead say that I won’t be sorry to see them go because creatively speaking, it’s way past time to say “out with the old, in with the new.” I would rather watch the blossoming young love of Sam and Jack or anything Bitchtoria (aka Brooke’s nasty mama, Victoria) does than sit through another scene in which Chad Michael Murray’s Lucas tries to look earnest or, God forbid, soulful. And no matter how hard the show tries to rewrite history, I’ll never buy that Peyton (the laughably-stilted Hilarie Burton) ever felt toward Lucas what she did for Jake.

Frankly, Leyton has run their course. If we want a boring, married-with-children pair, we can spend time with Nathan and Hayley (who are made infinitely more bearable by their too-cute-for-words offspring, Jamie). Don’t get me wrong — I like the Scotts, who serve as a nice balancing point for some of the more dramatic antics that unfold in the burg of Tree Hill. But at this point, Leyton is serving the same function. Someone’s gotta go… and I don’t wanna see Jamie exit, so I guess his folks get to stick around.

Whether planned or not, storylines this season have served to pretty-much isolate Lucas and Peyton in their own little corner of the town, thanks in large part to her traumatic pregnancy and their seeming inability to talk about anything other than the most-postponed, least-anticipated wedding of all time.

The beauty of an ensemble drama like TREE HILL is that every few years, you can introduce new characters while pushing others gently toward the exit. I have no doubt that Lucas and Peyton will return for occasional visits, given the ties that bind them to those who will remain. And that’s fine… at least until Peyton meets some tragic fate, freeing Lucas up to return to his one true love, Brooke.

Hey, a fanboy can dream, right?

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  • Dominique

    I am right there with you with not caring about Leyton leaving. Good riddance. At least, I get Julian back next season.

  • Megan Darbyshire

    I never really liked Lucas with anybody, especially not with Brooke (I try not to let personal feelings about actors get in the way but I didn’t start catching up on the show until after everything happened IRL and it practically made me sick to watch their scenes) but I agree with pretty much everything else.

    LOVED Jake and Peyton. As much I actually liked Peyton as a character, I almost wish she had stayed in GA with him.

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved Peyton and Jake too. It pissed me off when they brought Jake back just so that Peyton could suddenly realize she wanted Lucas. WTF.

    I disagree with you on Lucas/Brooke though. Brooke was always too good for him. She needs to be with someone great. I haven’t watched this season so I don’t know if this Julian guy is any good, but he can’t be worse than Lucas.

  • Dave

    Yeah they definitely got boring as the season went on. I was hoping with the season cliff hanger that Peyton would die and they’d save the baby. It would open up more drama with Lucas dealing with the baby and the loss. But what happend to Dan? After the BLATANT stolen scene from “the wackness” with him walking in the ocean and him sitting on the beach it kind of just let it go with no resolve? Am I the only one that was wondering? I was bored with the season after half way through the drama and everything was completely absent.

  • Lynn

    Honestly, I don’t care that they’re getting rid of Lucas and Peyton. But that’s not because I like Brooke or Brooke and Lucas. Quite the opposite. She bothers the crap out of me. I think it’s great that both Chad and Hilarie are leaving because I can now finally stop watching this terrible terrible show. It’s a life suck, that show is. And now the only reason I was watching is leaving.

  • Tennies

    I only liked Peyton when she was with Jake, her character, as well as Lucas was always annoying. I also don’t feel the chemistry between those two. Good Riddance. If it weren’t for Jamie, they should just end the show, or better yet, end the show and get the actor a new show or insert him into an already existing show.

  • Common Sense

    Dave is so right. The season started off well, with plenty of jaw-dropping drama and peril. Then, halfway thru the season (if not before), it suddenly stopped. And we were left watching people we (shhh) really don’t care about doing extremely mundane things. It became awful television. The five-year leap gave the show new life, but Mark Schwahn needs to remember what he’s doing: producing a heightened-reality, “entertaining” soap opera. Watching people walk thru daily life is like watching paint dry.

  • Simendeep

    Honestly…I don’t care about ANY couple on the show…In fact the only two that had AMAZING chemistry this season was Peyton and Julian!!!! (and I am not the only one)

  • Brucas all the way!!!

    i hate leyton together, jeyton is way better coz brucas are so good with eachother (without the fighting lolz)

    i dont really care that leyton are gone but then chad and sophia will never get back together coz they wont see eachother as often 🙁

  • jessica

    Leyton is the best part of one tree hill as they show true love, the comet is so inspiring, and i for one wont enjoy one tree hill as much, god i wish brooke died in her beating as its all me me me, she neva deserved lucas as his heart has always belonged 2 peyton, they are a hot couple with gorgous baby .. LEYTON ALL THE WAY, BRUCAS IS DEAD AND GONE !! =p xxx

  • lauraaa

    I agree with jessica but not with the whole brooke dying thing because i think brooke is a good character, when shes away from lucas. Leyton is one tree hill. They were actually made for each other and the show is now always gonna be missing something. Leyton, true love always!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Really? I Found Brucas’s relationship dead, it was so dull and boring. Or maybe its just a byist feeling because im a Leyton fan. I definitly find OTH boring without Lucas and Peyton. I think they should of gone on alittle farther in the end of season 6 with more detail where peyton and lucas were going and then they could have ended it, honostly it was good enough right there. Now it’s like there trying to drag the series on as long as they can, yes the stuff going on with Brulian and Naley are interesting but it seems to me it could have ended at the end of season 6.

    Personally, i always found Leytons relationship lovely, and i like Brooke and Luke as friends more than a couple. The downside to season 7 if they kept Leyton is, i mean, they’re married, the whole fact in season 5 about Peyton fighting for Luke somewhat made it interesting, of course if Leyton were still there i’d be funny because there awesome but theres a limit to all the stuff that could be interesting they could do with Sawyer Scott.

    Anyways, it’s really BLUNT to say “who cares” because if you took a vote i could bet you anything, people found Lucas as the main character, and the fact they took away the main character+ a important secondary character is important, so YES it does matter.

    It made alot of fans find the series boring afterwards(Including me). I stopped watching, i only check in once in awhile to see if Brooke has her happy ending yet and how the Scott’s (Naley+Jamie) are doing, that’s all. Everything else in the series has become abit dull, and i’m sorry to offend all you Quinn and Clay fans, but i just absolutely find them Boring. >.>

  • Kimberly

    Also, KEEP dreaming about Brooke being Lucas’s TRUE love, lmfao. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Wow, thetvaddict, you've got a bad case of the bitterness blues. I think you didn't understand LP's story, plus I also think you're crazy.

    I agree with Lynn, jessica, lauraaa and Kimberly. It was LP that were meant to be together. In the later seasons (5-6), they were the only reason why I even watched the show. When LP left OTH, so did I.

  • Melissa

    Peyton is Lucas' one true love!
    LP forever!!