UpFront 2009 Predictions: CBS Edition

It’s May, which in case you didn’t know in TV land is kind of a big deal. Not only does it signify the end of the official television season, with the big five networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW) beginning to roll out their big finales (see: our May 2009 calendar.) It also just so happens to be the start of something new. With next week marking the official start of the 2009 UpFronts where ABC, CBS, FOX, CW and NBC will unveil their fall schedule to advertisers at their annual UpFront Presentation.

But before they do, theTVAddict.com editorial team, led by our very own Ken-Tucker-in-training Aleks Chan will be posting our wish list for what we’d like to see announced.

Steady as she goes over at CBS, with its procedurals continuing to dominate in a crowded field (see: the season’s only bonafide hit THE MENTALIST) and its Monday night comedy lineup, led by THE BIG BANG THEORY, showing some serious strength against very stiff competition. CBS may not draw a lot of eyeballs in search of unconventional programming (or, under the age of 50), but when 12 of the top 20 shows (for the week ending on May 10, 2009) belong to the Tiffany network, who are we to argue with success?

What We’d Like to See:
An hour long drama that doesn’t involve some sort of weekly gruesome murder that may-or-may-not-be ripped from the headlines. But since that probably won’t happen, and if it did, would more likely then not be short-lived (see: SWINGTOWN), we’ll stick with trumpeting the comedic prowess of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, the net’s best comedy next to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and the underrated GARY UNMARRIED, which gets serious points from us for offering up a television rarity: Child actors (Ryan Malgarini and Kathryn Newton) that don’t have us wishing Gary was sterile.

What Will Probably Happen:
CBS will continue their conservative, albeit winning ways by using their already established hits to launch eerily similar ones. In the comedy department, expect CBS to use their most popular show, TWO AND A HALF MEN to help launch either the highly buzzed about Jenna Elfman vehicle ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE or the Jason Biggs starrer HAPPINESS ISN’T EVERYTHING. While on the drama front, fans of the aging and increasingly costly procedurals such as COLD CASE, THE UNIT and/or WITHOUT A TRACE should probably brace for one or two of them to vanish, you guessed it… without a trace in an effort to make room for Alex O’Loughlin, Juliana Margulies and/or Chris O’Donnell; All of whom have their very own produce-by-numbers CBS procedural waiting in the wings.

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  • Ace

    I actually don’t watch anything on CBS right now. I like HIMYM and Big Bang Theory, but they both came on during the busiest hour on TV–8 PM Monday. I guess I’ll catch up this summer. In fact I’m trying to remember the last time anything on CBS was a must see for me.

  • LadyHawke_2006

    Of all of the hopeful pilots for the Fall Season, There is ONLY one I am anxious to see. Three Rivers with Alex O’Loughlin wil be, for me, MUST SEE TV!!!!!!!!!!!! So, fingers crossed, I am really praying for TR to get the nod!!!

  • SoN2Alex(Deana)

    Ladyhawke is right, Alex O’Loughlin in Three Rivers is definitely MUST SEE TV for me too. I am so excited that Alex may actually be back on tv again, and on a weekly basis no doubt…Alex O’Loughlin is not just another drop dead gorgeous actor. He is muti talented and has the ability to bring his characters to life and make them believable…I love him, the rest of his fans love him, CBS loves him and soon the rest of the world will know why…

  • Lourdes

    I want to see Eleventh Hour back. It’s the only show I watch on CBS since CSI LV has dramatically changed for bad and you can see it in the declining ratings.

  • Laur


  • MariaMoonlight

    I excited to see Three Rivers with Alex O’Loughlin. He’s an amazing actor and soon the whole world will know it.

  • I can’t wait to see THREE RIVERS and Alex O’Loughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski! In this wonderful and important series Alex O’Loughlin will show us again that he’s charismatic and mega-talented in every role he chooses to play. I miss seeing him in a series on one of my favorite TV networks. Alex O’Loughlin combines fantastic handsomeness with a sharp mind, empathy, versatility and a hilarious sense of humor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that CBS picks THREE RIVERS for Fall 09.

  • sam

    I hope three rivers is picked up for Kate Moennig, also. It would be disappointing not to see her again in another series.

  • I can’t wait to see Alex on my TV screen. Hope Three Rivers being picked up by CBS for this fall!

  • lynnrxgal

    Three Rivers sounds intriguing, plus it features the talented Alex O’Loughlin. I am hoping for 2009-10 with a weekly dose of Alex!

  • Nina

    3Rivers for the wayyy!!!!
    Go Kate Moennig!!!

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  • CBS would seriously be missing the boat if they did not pick up Three Rivers. A medical drama about organ transplant is so original and innovative. And the cast is mega talented. Its a can’t miss.

  • Jennifer

    I want to see the Eastmans get picked up. Very much so.

  • TROY

    I want to see The Eastmans get picked up. Its the best bet to last at least 100 episodes. Or is it TOO SMART for today’s audiences? in any case…saw the pilot..it’s gold!

  • Jan

    Now that I know that Ghost Whisperer WILL be back in the Fall – I’m happy!