Kate Flannery Previews Tonight’s 100th Episode of THE OFFICE


In case you didn’t get the Dunder Mifflin embossed letterhead, today marks a very special day in Dunder Mifflin history. In addition to tonight being the season finale of THE OFFICE, the show reaches an increasingly rare television milestone: That of 100 episodes. And in honor of such an occasion, theTVaddict.com thought who better to preview tonight’s very-special Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic than Kate Flannery (Meredith); The actress who was so unsure about the show’s future during its tenuous first season and a half, that she actually held onto her waitressing job while shooting the series!

I believe congratulations are in order for your 100th episode.
Kate Flannery: Thank you so much. We had such a great time shooting the 100th episode it was a blast. Crazy and so surreal. But in a great way.

100 episodes! Pretty amazing considering the show was almost cancelled early in its run.
It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Our show is a real Cinderella story. I actually kept my waitressing job the first season because I had no idea this would happen. We’re just so lucky.

Anything you can tease about tonight’s episode?
I really can’t. All I can say is that I’m sure my parents will be incredibly embarrassed!

Could there be more flashing in Meredith’s future?
I can’t say.

What about a trip to Pawnee Indiana? Any chance we might see Meredith drop by PARKS AND RECREATION next season?
I don’t know. No one has talked to me about it. They don’t tell me a lot because I have a really big mouth. But I think that PARKS AND RECREATION is so much fun and I think Greg [Daniels] is a genius so we’ll see what happens. I think they need to be Dunder Mifflin free for a while, stand on their own two feet.