Our Take on the LOST Season Finale: Oh No They Didn’t!


In their final LOST podcast of the season, LOSTermind Carlton Cuse had this to say when asked by fellow executive producer Damon Lindelof to predict what the fan’s reaction might be to last night’s season finale:

“I feel that people are going to like it because there is some good mythological advancement in it. But I think there is also going to be a fair share of annoyance that they’re going to have to wait eight months to find out what happens after the finale. It has a very sort of season one feel to me. Like when we blew open the hatch and people were like, “You’re kidding me, that’s where you’re leaving us?”

Or as this TV Addict unapologetically screamed at his television the moment the credits started rolling, “A fade to white… REALLY!?” I mean Lindelof and Cuse realize that people do not actually posses the ability to casually skip through time, right? Because eight, or to be more accurate eight and a half months is one helluva wait to find out what happens next.

But wait we shall.

Because even though we find ourselves somewhat perturbed upon discovering that Jack’s motivation for blowing up an entire island full of inhabitants is his love for Kate, utterly perplexed by the John Locke revelation that he’s not exactly who he appears to be (Clone? Spirit? Cylon?!) and quite frankly peeved that Lindelof and Cuse couldn’t even be bothered to throw fans a bone by leaving us with a single scene, hint, tease or coda as to what the frak happens next — Last night’s mind-boggling opening scene that included the return of our favorite four-toed statue, Jacob and some guy who we can only conclude is the very embodiment of pure evil, Juliet’s emotionally heart-wrenching death (complete with a fantastic homage to the killer pit from Star Wars who’s name escapes us), and the revelation that Rose, Bernard and Vincent are taking a page from the Swiss Family Robinson and living happily-ever-after at an undisclosed location on the island more than made up for the episodes ending, or lack-their-of.

Which is why, we’re already counting-down the days until 2010, when rumor has it, destiny is found. Who’s with us?

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  • Thanks for that 🙂

  • Linda B.

    Oh, beat me to it. Was just going to say sarlacc pit.

  • Linda B.
    Your geek cred just jumped by 5 points!

  • Josh Emerson

    Honestly, I thought the end was lame. Didn’t we basically figure before the finale that they would end up detonating the thing? They didn’t move that storyline forward really at all last night.

    I also don’t understand why Jack and Sawyer are both in love with Kate. WTF? What’s so good about her that she’s got two guys who want her? Juliet was awesome and it annoyed me that in the scene with Rose and Bernard, Sawyer basically gave away that it was Kate he cared about for some reason.

    Otherwise, great finale. Loved the stuff with Jacob and Locke.

  • Hil

    Evil Deadwood Dude was likely Christian and Locke and perhaps Alex (who told Ben to do whatever Locke said…Locke who was actually Evil Deadwood Dude). And when we saw Christian in the cabin it was likely this Deadwood guy because Jacob’s followers said that Jacob had not been there in a while. I guess we can assume that whatever Christian told people to do it was anti-Jacob in nature.

  • I agree with Josh about Kate. I’ve come to believe that Kate’s purpose in the show is to ruin people’s lives. 😉 Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration. But, still, after five seasons of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle but only one season of small glimpses into the Sawyer-Juliet relationship, I still felt more invested in Sawyer & Juliet. Their relationship felt more real (and I just like Juliet better). Just like Rose said, it’s always drama with the other Losties. But, S&J’s relationship was drama-free. They were just happy together.

    Overall, I really liked the finale last night, but I enjoyed the Dharma/Swan/bomb storyline far more than the Jacob/Locke/Ben/Richard storyline. The Dharma group storyline is more character & relationship based which I connect to better. The storyline of Jacob & Locke is still too cryptic for me to totally enjoy. I also think I connect with the science fictiony side of the story more than the mythical/paranormal side.

    I wonder if season 6 will turn into season 1 version 2.0. I doubt it. I think there’s more to it than that. When Jacob asked “Locke” about finding a loophole, I wonder if he was referring to his impending death or the newfound ability of the Losties to break the time loop or both. Perhaps Jacob’s death is what allowed Juliet to wake up and complete one final act that might just reset the timeline. I don’t know; just brainstorming out loud.

  • Hil

    Since the 1970s and 2000s are not happening at the same time despite how we view them on the screen I doubt Jacobs “death” had anything to do with Juliet. Juliet was that human variable that Faraday was talking about. That one thing that perhaps could change things and what convinced him they had a chance. Juliet kept saying she “changed her mind” multiple times in the episode. Jacob told Ben that he still had a choice. Things could still go either way. For some reason people like Ben and Juliet could be variables in these situations. More so than Jack and the other Losties selected by Jacob. Juliet was the one that kept changing the direction of the group. Same with Ben.

  • grumpyoldman

    Yeah!! Now we she can finally get to work on another Santa Clause movie!!!

  • Ace

    I seriously yelled at my TV when it ended. I think it was “THOSE PUNKS!” Haha, the creators have a sense of humor making us wait forever with a cliff hanger like that. I can’t wait until it comes back.. I think I’ll have to pick up the rest of the seasons on DVD and watch them all again before it comes back.

    Kate has really annoyed me this season too. I want Sawyer to stay with Juliet, but obviously that might be a bit difficult after what happened at the end.

  • what the frak?!?!?!? 8 MONTHS???? Almsot makes me want to join Juliette in the Sarlacc pit!

    Seems to me like Damon & Lindeloff are taking a page out of the Whedon handbook… happy couple? let’s see what we can do about that muahahaha… grrrrrrrr

  • That eye in the preview looks like Ben’s!