Completely devoid of a filter, or better-still a high-powered Hollywood publicist to ask “Do you really think this is a good idea?” comes a shirtless, foul-mouthed, not-safe-for-work, cigarette smoking Thomas Dekker; Doing his part to fight for his future and save TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Or as this TV Addict likes to call it, a trend we get behind.

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re not asking for your average run-of-the-mill Joe or Jane six-pack to go shirtless in support of his or her favorite show. Really, a trip to Subway in support of CHUCK will suffice. But imagine if you will the possibilities should Dekker’s video plea become a trend. After-all, who is going to say “No” to a shirtless Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Tamoh Penikett or Eliza Dushku? Think about it!

Thanks to Nice Girls TV for the Tip!

  • Thomas is awesome! After posting the link to this last night, we had no idea it would take off so quickly!

    Rock on, Thomas. We love you.

  • Jillian

    Well done, Thomas. *chuckles*

    Thank for the video link!

  • timwnatx

    SAVE TSCC!!! Hope it gets picked up. MMm, shirtless Thomas.

  • I got caught on “shooting Nightmare on Elm Street”. Really?

  • Jen

    this is my family’s favorite show. we have dinner and watch together. for the demographic suits: mom (64), bro (40), sis in law (46), me (38), niece (25), nephew (27). when derek was shot last season, we all stood and screamed, “noooooooooo!!!” the mulitple universe story lines have literally infinite possibilities. c’mon just tell me which product we need to buy to keep this show going. we’ll see the summer movie probably more than once…and look forward to the show coming back in the fall. right? right.