Tonight’s TV Addictions: May 15, 2009

PRISON BREAK (8PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Just how jam-packed with surprise twists and shocking deaths is tonight’s two-hour PRISON BREAK series finale? It almost had us wondering why we stopped watching two season ago. Well, until we remembered, oh right… Sara’s head in a box!

Good News: Special guest star James Callis proves there is in fact life after BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Bad News: We’re not so sure Callis is stretching things by playing a manipulative guru who favors female followers.

Tonight’s special chronicles Farrah Fawcett’s battle with cancer. In case you’ve missed the coverage in US WEEKLY, IN TOUCH, THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, PEOPLE,¬†HELLO, OK, STAR magazine, etc…

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  • Nick

    Yeah, somethin’ about the Farrah show doesn’t sit well. Wasn’t she complaining just last week about all of the media attention and invasion of privacy? And now this. I have compassion for anyone in her and P. Swayze’s condition. The spotlight has to be very difficult to surrender.

  • Prisonbreak had such a good ending! But, did Michael actually die? I mean because on the tombstone the “end” date was 2005…what’s up with that?

  • Lindsey, I was a little surprised by the date at first too. But, keep in mind that the show may have lasted four seasons, but the events within the story took place in a relatively short amount of time. Even knowing that, I still might have guessed the show took place in a year or more.

    The tombstone said November 4. According to Wikipedia, the original robbery that got Michael in Fox River took place on March 9 of the same year, and he started his sentence at Fox River on April 11. Hard to believe the events of the whole show take place in around seven months. I guess this means he never got to see his son be born.