TV Ratings: Thursday May 14, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Survivor: Tocantins 12.03 3.7/12
FOX Bones 8.70 2.5/8
ABC Ugly Betty 6.83 2.0/6
NBC My Name is Earl 4.79 2.0/6
CW Smallville 3.15 1.4/4
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 4.25 2.0/6
9PM ABC Grey’s Anatomy 15.58 5.5/14
CBS CSI 14.42 3.4/9
FOX Hell’s Kitchen 7.42 3.1/8
NBC The Office 6.72 3.5/9
CW Supernatural 2.90 1.3/3
9:30PM NBC 30 Rock 5.66 2.8/7
10PM ABC Grey’s Anatomy 17.12 6.2/17
CBS CSI: NY 12.84 3.0/8
NBC Southland 4.64 1.7/5

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  • Lourdes

    Well, CSI is seriously declining. Its ratings are not good for a season finale, much less the demos. I expected more viewers for Bones season finale and its episode ‘with a twist’ but didn’t do that well either.

  • ggny

    lol at southland

  • Ace

    And yet Southland has been picked up and we still wait on Chuck who ALWAYS beat those numbers. WTF NBC?

  • Josh C.

    Well in response to all those comments, could anything really compete with A 2-hour Grey’s Anatomy season finale?

  • Lourdes

    Not really, and GA is not even that good.
    I wonder what would’ve happened if Eleventh Hour had gotten more episodes. I think it would’ve reached CSI in viewers. The show was getting better.

    So maybe next year CSI LV will be moved to the 10pm time slot on Thursday? It should’ve ended this season…

  • Josh C.

    Lourdes GA is that good you just don’t watch it

  • Wally

    CSI: LV had been leading over Grey’s for most of the year until the finale. But with this shocking turn of events, ABC now has a chance to steal the crown from CBS on Thursdays next season.

  • Lourdes

    Josh C., GA is not my kind of show. Even though I tried watching it đŸ˜‰