HUGE UNBELIEVABLE BREAKING NEWS! Michael Ausiello (@EWAusielloFiles) just gave theTVaddict.com a huge shout-out on twitter by including us in his #followfriday alongside the unbelievably awesome @tvweek_joe @sepinwall @LATshowtracker and @tvguide.

What’s that? You were expecting actual television news, not ridiculous self-indulgent non-TV related announcements? Well, how’s this for must-read-TV: According to our new “Twitter-BFF” Ausiello, ABC has taken a page from FOX’s welcome new “Quality over Quantity” playbook (as demonstrated by their surprising DOLLHOUSE second season pick from earlier in the day) by renewing rating challenged fan favorites such as CASTLE, BETTER OFF TED and SCRUBS.

Also making headlines was the Alphabet’s pick up of Courteney Cox’s much buzzed about Bill Lawrence comedy COUGAR TOWN, the drama HAPPY TOWN (from the brains behind OCTOBER ROAD and LIFE ON MARS), the re-imagination of the 80’s Sci-Fi classic V, EASTWICK (an adaptation of the The Witches of Eastwick ) and the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced FORGOTTEN.

Don’t forget to stick with theTVaddict.com (@theTVaddict on twitter) for the latest up-to-date renewals, pickups, cancellations and scheduling announcements from next week’s 2009 Up Fronts. It’s gonna be one helluva exciting week. Stay tuned…

  • Patty

    Congratulations on the shout out!

  • Theo

    Your now one step closer to becoming…a global phenomenon!

  • Ace

    Aww, that was nice of your guru :).

    Yay for Better Off Ted! That one makes me very happy. I’m glad that Castle and Dollhouse (really surprised but in a good way for that one) were picked up too. This is good news all around.

    I’ll continue to watch Scrubs, but I am very worried that continuing it will just ruin the awesomeness that was the season finale.

  • Ace

    Also, I really hope for the sake of Better Off Ted and Dollhouse that the networks decide to rerun them this summer so other people can discover them. I think that is one of the biggest mistakes that the networks make now. Seinfeld and Friends weren’t big hits in their first seasons, but they networks gave them a chance by rerunning them in the summer when nothing else was on and people were able to catch up in time for fall. Also, I much rather watch a good repeat than another crappy reality show or stupid game show. Summertime for me usually = Netflix time.

  • SimplyKikmberly

    I fell head over heels, obsessively in love with Buffy in the Season 1 finale.

    Omega produced the same results for me with Dollhouse. I am absolutely stunned and thrilled beyond belief that it gets a Season 2.

    I haven’t watched Castle yet but will make that a priority this summer. I have loved NF ever since OLTL. He was the best Joey Buchanan. I haven’t loved watching a day of soaps so much as I did when he returned for Asa’s funeral with Cord, Kevin and Max.

  • Jillian

    Wow. I’m so glad Better off Ted is coming back!

  • Thors


  • Thanks Patty, Theo and Ace,
    Rest assured, I will do my best to not forget the little people 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m interested to see how Scrubs turns out.

    I watched both Dollhouse and Better Off Ted when they premiered and I thought they sucked. Maybe they got better as the weeks went on. Meh.

  • Josh Emerson

    BTW, I just read that ABC picked up The Middle, which co-stars Neil Flynn (Scrubs’ Janitor). Apparently his Scrubs deal is 2nd behind this show, so it looks like we won’t be getting as much of Janitor in this new season!

  • timwnatx

    congrats tv addict! so glad for your shout out. keep up the great work. ‘you’re moving on up.’

  • Josh Emerson,

    Like many of my favorites TV characters (see: ALIAS’ Marshall), Neil Flynn’s Janitor worked best in moderation. And while I may be in the minority here, I can’t help but feel that the SCRUBS writers went to the Janitor and his Brain-trust ‘well’ a little too often last season. So if Neil Flynn is moving on, I’m pretty much okay with that. As long as he drops by every once in a while to torment new staff of Sacred Heart.

  • Younowho

    Congratulations- Michael is certainly following the right website.

  • Ace

    Josh — I would really recommend giving Better Off Ted another try. I didn’t think the first episode was very good either, but it was consistently funny after that.

  • Marcus

    I’m so glad that Castle and Especially Dollhouse got picked up. As for it getting better josh, it’s just more proof that the networks have no idea what they were doing. The reason it didn’t start off as well as it should was that the networks, demanded that he re-write the pilot (they didn’t like it) then they didn’t show the shows in the correct order and demanded that the first 5 episodes of Dollhouse be stand alone episodes. After those were done and he was allowed to write the store he wanted it got very good and all the critics liked it as well, saying it “foundered” at the beginning. Of course it did, people who don’t watch or write TV try to tell those who do how to run it and surprise, it doesn’t work and then have the audacity to say, “We knew it wasn’t going to work, pull it”.

  • Castle is a delightful show and I’ve really enjoyed it — but how is it ratings challenged? It’s coming in around 10 to 11 million viewers a week and it’s up against the acting challenged CSI MIami that only beats it by a couple of million. I thought the renewal of Castle was a no-brainer.

  • What about Samantha Who?

    I’m worried it wont make the cut 🙁