Having chosen to take advantage of a free invite to see X:Men Origins: Wolverine last night (which by the way, not nearly as terrible as I was led to believe) this TV Addict has decided to once again, ask you to be the critic by posting your spoiler-free thoughts on last night’s installment of PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SOUTHLAND, BONES, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, UGLY BETTY, and GREY’S ANATOMY.

  • I just posted more than a few of my opinions this morning about last nights finales:

  • Josh Emerson

    30 Rock had to be one of the best episodes ever last night. I was laughing my ass off, especially the second half of the episode. The celebrity cameos were brilliant.

    The Office was also fantastic. Jim and Pam!!!!!! That’s all I’ll say.

    Ugly Betty was really good. I have Grey’s waiting on the DVR. I am trying my hardest not to be spoiled.

  • Grey’s was better than it had any right to be, though I saw the big “surprise” coming from a mile away. I actually kinda enjoy Meredith when she’s not dark & twisty.

    30 Rock was brilliant. One of my favorite eps of the season. Agree with Josh; the celebrity cameos were really well done and actually funny. “Rainstorm Katrina” cracked me up.

    Southland is fast becoming one of my must-see shows. Michael Cudlitz is doing some really good work on this program. Just fantastic.

    Haven’t watched Ugly Betty yet. It’s DVR’d. I find my excitement for this show waning. Maybe if they spun Mark and Amanda off into their own 30m sitcom?

    Also, My Name is Earl was a snooze. If it weren’t for the brilliant Jaime Presley and Eddie Steeples, I’d have given it up for dead a season or two ago.

  • Kathryn

    Grey’s was awesome. I was very surprised. Still processing it all. The crying started as soon as I saw 007’s eyes when Meredith ‘drilled’ him. (Trying not to spoil). The next 50 minutes was water works for me. I really wonder what will happen…I’m not convinced things are permanent, but I have to admit, the elevator scene at the end was so bittersweet.

  • Josh C.

    I thought Grey’s was awesome last night. not as cry worthy as last weeks ep in my opinion. but still just jaw dropping at multiple points

  • jill

    30 Rock was great! I agree with Liz, it was a great year, and yesterday capped it off with a bang and left me wanting more. Isn’t that the point of any season finale? As for The Office… I won’t spoil anyone’s DVR or idiocy with my Jim and Pam comments. It just didn’t have the same pizazz as other years.

  • I hated the ending of Supernatural, but we were all expecting that sudden ending were we?, Did Lucifer rise? What happened to Castiel? Why wasn’t Anna in the episode? Why did all of a sudden Ruby betrayed them? What is to become of Sam after his partial “evil-ness”? Damn, how long do we wait for answers? September? *sheds tear*

  • paketep

    Supernatural: fantastic. Next season (there better be a next season!) is going to be fantastic.

    Grey’s: restored my faith in the series, although I knew from the start it was one of them, and it was just elimination.

  • Mel

    Loved the Supernatural finale!! It was a great end to a Super season!!

  • Amy

    Grey’s was amazing. I wasn’t so fond of the Izzie ending. Kinda crap. But the shocker was great. My jaw defin. dropped. Good finale. i really hope George isn’t quitting the show.

  • Ace

    I finally watched Grey’s this morning. It was by far the best episode of the season. I don’t understand why the writers can’t make the characters that good all season. I mean, pretty much everyone got a good moment. Even poor Derek and George who have been sorely under used.

  • Kaly

    OK I’m late to the party but Supernatural was fantastic. Dean you are awesome in every way. So are you Castiel. These two made the season as far as I’m concerned. Sam, I love you man, but are the biggest dumbass ever for trusting a frickin’ demon over your own brother. I hope that crow is tasty.

  • Anonymous

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